Učenci se morajo počutiti razumljene, samozavestne, varne in srečne, da lahko uspevajo in blestijo v izobraževanju. Na naši šoli želimo podpirati učence, da dosežejo najboljše v izobraževalnem, socialnem in čustvenem smislu. Življenje je včasih lahko negotovo in raznoliko in vsakdo potrebuje nekoga na katerega se lahko obrne ali pa varni prostor kamor se lahko zateče - in na naši šoli si prizadevamo, da našim učencem zagotovimo varni prostor.

Kaj trenutno delamo?

  • Mentorji in razredniki delajo z učenci in starši, ko se pojavijo težave.
  • Imamo vodjo podpore študentom za nekaj ur na teden, da pripravi vire in ustvarja podporno knjižnico z materiali.
  • Ponujamo informacije, nasvete, podporo, vodenje in komunikacijo.
  • Imamo vire za učence, zaposlene in starše.

We commit to:

  • Creating a safe environment for students to learn online in school.
  • Raising awareness of social media issues, how to deal with these and how to make good choices when using technology in and beyond the classroom.
  • Using technology wisely and effectively to transform and enhance learning

Here are some useful resources for parents for safe use of the internet:

  • Duck Duck Go can be used for safe internet searches.
  • LogOut is a company that specialises in helping children and adults that use the Internet extensively or are already addicted.
  • Useful eSafety tips for Parents with Primary school children.

For additional resources on online safety, how to educate your child and talk to them about the smart ways of using the internet, please visit our E-Safety at BISL page and browse through variety of resources on online safety, application use and taming the use of devices.

At BISL, we follow a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. The use of the devices is always intender for learning and enabling our students to reach an even higher quality of education. The students should bring either an iPad to school or laptop. Please visit the First Day Checklist for detailed information on what equipment is advised.

BISL House system

BISL House System

At BISL we have a special school feature, called House system. The idea behind the House system is that there is a vertical and even split of students of all ages in each of our four Houses - Emerald, Hessonite, Sapphire, and Zircon.

A sense of inclusion and engagement in a common enterprise can have academic benefits as well as social-emotional ones, and our House System was developed to promote a positive and inclusive culture at BISL, a caring and supportive environment where all students are welcome and valued, and can demonstrate loyalty allegiance while contributing to the success of their House.

The benefits of the whole school House System include:

  • The system is inclusive of all learners and includes sporting, academic and artistic endeavors.
  • Promotes positive self-esteem , self-identity, belonging, integrity, teamwork and pride amongst all students.
  • Peer support to help promote positive mental health and develop a common goal between school staff and students.
  • Promotion of student responsibility and student voice, cooperation, communication and leadership skills.
  • Skills valued for job applications and better preparation for future employment.
  • Constant and consistent encouragement for students to achieve their best.

Houses compete against each other in a friendly environment. We trust the House Captains and senior students in each House will look out for the younger ones, enabling the seniors to benefit by learning leadership and organizational skills themselves.

When a child joins BISL they become a member of a particular House along with all the staff in the school. On their first day, your child will be assigned to one of the four houses and the fun journey will begin. 

At the end of the academic year, the winning house is presented with the House Cup, displayed in school throughout the following academic year.