Parents are a key part of the BISL community, and not just for bringing their children to and from school and making sure they do their homework!

All parents whose children attend BISL are automatically members of our Parents and Teachers Association (PTA).

The PTA has played a key role in the development of BISL social activities since the school’s foundation and provides a way in which parents and teachers can work together to provide the best possible experience for the students and community through:

  • sharing information about the school;
  • organising social events for the school community;
  • providing a social network for new families;
  • assisting with learning activities and trips;
  • organising workshops which promote engagement with education
  • working with Caring for the Community (C4C) on charity initiatives
  • establishing other connections with the broader community.

Parent Involvement

Coffee Mornings

On the first Friday of every month, all parents are invited to join the Principal and the PTA Committee at a Coffee Morning to find out more about specific topics related to school (anything from exams to sports, e-safety to residential trips) and planning future PTA events. Everybody is part of the PTA, everyone is welcome!


BISL parents can find out about everything the PTA does by joining Classlist. This is the official community platform for the BISL PTA which is GDPR compliant, placing extremely high importance on privacy. It allows you to connect with other parents in your children's classes and you can choose what you share and how and when you wish to be notified. There are also groups to help you meet parents with similar interests and a marketplace for exchanging clothing and toys, not to mention invitations for events, workshops and parties.

Activities for Parents

When new children enroll at the school, parents are invited to join Classlist, and on top of their children’s class group (where they can post about homework, trips or birthdays) they have access to a wide variety of groups which can help them find and share useful information, connect with other families who speak the same language or share an interest in a sport or activity. If a PTA parent, teacher or staff member has an idea for a new group they are free to create one too!

PTA activities have flourished over the years and there are many groups parents have been able to join:

  • English Booster: if you are not very confident in English, there’s no reason why you should miss out! Qualified PTA parents and teachers from the school can help you improve your English.

  • Discover Slovenia: visits have included boating on Bled, walking the Vintgar Gorge and riding bikes around the Pot Ob Žici Remembrance Walk.

  • Šmarna Gora: there are regular morning hikes up this iconic hill, just outside Ljubljana. A great way to get some cardio exercise, great views and have a chat.

  • Skiing and Snowboarding on Krvavec: you can make the most of fine midweek weather and get in some sunshine on the pistes, just 30 minutes away!

  • Pilates, Yoga and Fit Club for Parents.

  • Book Club: share your love of reading.

  • Foodies: share inside knowledge of local eateries and specialties.

  • New Families: a support group for those new to the school and the area.

Both through the PTA and individually, parents can support their children by, for example:

  • coming in to children's classes to assist with reading, or even exercise;

  • helping in their child's class to prepare for special PTA events like Christmas, Book Day or International Day.

  • assisting in the Library;

  • helping supervise class trips;

  • acting as a Class Representative to liaise between the teacher and parents;

  • giving presentations in school and organising visits to various places of work or interest.

Research shows that having parents active in their child's school life has a positive effect on their children's development and the importance of having a sense of community for expats is essential for the family's adaptation and success in their host country. Through the BISL PTA you can not only help your child succeed, but help the whole family grow.

Events in a typical year in the life of the PTA:

  • Welcome Picnic

  • Christmas Market

  • Evening Social Events - Party!

  • World Book Day

  • International Day

  • Halloween Celebrations

Although not everyone is used to the concept of a PTA, you will find that it is a great way to enrich your family's life and support your child’s education. We look forward to meeting you on Classlist and at an event soon!

If you wish to take a role in the PTA, volunteer for school events, or if you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact the PTA at

Community Directory

We are excited to share with you our revised Community Directory of useful businesses recommended by members of our community. This will be available for everyone to access, updated regularly, and shared with new families upon their arrival.