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What curriculum will my child study at the British International School of Ljubljana?

At BISL, our students follow the English National Curriculum, enhanced and differentiated to meet our international needs. Our older students prepare for IGCSE and A-Level examinations from Cambridge and AQA.

All subjects, except Slovene and French, are taught in English.

What subjects will my child study?

Core subjects of numeracy and literacy are taught all the way from Early Years through Primary school, enhanced through a topic-based approach where students cover areas of science, history, geography, art, languages and physical education.

In Secondary school, students cover a broad range of subjects and choose certain subjects in which they will sit external examinations at IGCSE and A Level. Subjects studied in Secondary school include English language, English literature, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, history, geography, business studies, economics, psychology, Slovene, French, art & design, music, physical education, and PSHE (personal, social and health education).

How will my child's progress be monitored?

Throughout the school year, student progress is consistently monitored against English National Curriculum standards through accepted benchmark testing methods and internal assessments.

Academic reports are issued three times per academic year and parents are invited to attend parent-teacher meetings each term.

My child speaks only basic English - how will they cope?

With students joining our school from all corners of the globe, speaking basic English when joining is not uncommon. Our teachers are all experienced in supporting students who require English as an Additional Language (EAL) provision. Our curriculum is differentiated to accommodate the diverse needs of EAL students - find out more about our EAL programme here.

Will my child have to do homework?

Homework is an important part of school life and is necessary to reinforce knowledge and skills. All students are expected to complete age appropriate homework assignments as assigned by their teacher. Younger students may also be given reading as a part of their weekly homework programme.

Does my child have to wear a school uniform?

​Yes, at BISL we require all students to wear school uniform. You can find more information about our uniform policy here.

Does the Slovene Ministry of Education recognise BISL as a school?

Yes. In June 2016, a new law was passed which dispensed with the previous formalities for ‘home schooling’ of Slovenian children aged 6-15, who were, in fact, attending an international school. This law recognises international educational programmes (ZIMPVI– RS46/16) as being equivalent to the completion of education at a local Slovene school and requires international schools to incorporate some specific elements into their curricula, for example all students must study 140 hours of Slovene each year. This law means that local children will be able to attend BISL, safe in the knowledge that this will be recognised as an acceptable and equal alternative to a local school.