Welcome to our eSafety Homepage at the British International School of Ljubljana

The purpose of this page is to share with you what we commit to as a school to help students become more aware of eSafety and how to make better use of the internet.

The focus to help our students requires the school to work in conjunction with our parents and students to make sure that we can all be consistent in how we prepare our students to make good choices with technology and the internet

We believe that the internet and technology should be used primarily for 'learning'. Used in the correct way, it can add real value to the learning experiences our students enjoy in the classroom.

We commit to:

  • Creating a safe environment for students to learn online in school.
  • Raising awareness of social media issues, how to deal with these and how to make good choices when using technology in and beyond the classroom.
  • Using technology wisely and effectively to transform and enhance learning, not as a direct tool to substitute during tasks.

We hope you find the resources below helpful.

Additionally, if you have any articles, resources or ideas to share with us, please let us know. Thank you to all parents, teachers and students for your support in putting this eSafety page and our school awareness plan together. This is not a quick fix, its a long term commitment to helping, supporting and listening to our students with their use of the internet and technology.


At BISL, we follow a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy:

  • Years 3 to 6 use an iPad
  • Years 7+ use a laptop
BYOD Specifications

In Primary, from Year 3 onwards, students are required to bring a personal iPad to school, to enhance their learning and develop ICT skills.

  • To ensure safe use of the iPads at school, students will be made aware of the iPad Class Rule and sign the Primary ICT Contract.
  • We recommend an iPad Air 1 or newer model with a 32 GB memory. 16 GB will also be accepted but students will have to manage space carefully as the system data on the new tablets takes a lot of space.
  • Alternative Android devices are not recommended due to incompatibility of various applications and lack of features, which allow students full access to our programme in the classroom and at home.

In Secondary, from Year 7 onwards, students should bring in a laptop to use in class and for Computer Science lessons.

  • Processor: doesn't require high processing power
  • RAM: preferably 8GB or higher but 4GB would probably be enough
  • Hard Drive: If possible SSD
  • Battery & size: Very important! about 14" although 13" or 15" is also just fine. 17" would theoretically do, but these tend to be very heavy and they have bad battery life. Small, lightweight laptop with a great battery life are recommended.
  • Graphics card: not needed
  • OS: Windows or MacOS (Linux is not recommended)
  • Price range: 500-1000€

ESafety at BISL

Display boards

These displays show how we've raised awareness around the school in 3 different areas.

Our E-Safety boards have information on age restrictions on social media, how to set up a safe online profile, online resources, Child Net and British Council resources, advice for students using technology and advice on how to report incidents.


We share useful videos and resources with our students during assemblies and eSafety is covered in PSHE lessons.

Tutor information

This is our Emails and Passwords Guidance which we share with our students.

5 Safety Tips Screen

Resources for Parents

Here are some useful resources for parents:

Duck Duck Go can be used for safe internet searches.

LogOut is a company that specialises in helping children and adults that use the Internet extensively or are already addicted.

Useful eSafety tips for Parents with Primary school children.

Using devices

Using devices at BISL

Please see below our Primary ICT Contract for using devices at BISL responsibly.

Policies including the E-Safety Policy, BYOD Policy and Online Learning Policy can be found here.

Use of iPads

Here is the guidance given to our community about the Use of iPads at BISL, including the Questions & Answers discussed during this information session.

We also share Class Rules for using iPads with the students.

International Celebration Days

Safer Internet Day

Tuesday, 8th February 2022

Safer Internet Day Screen

Together for a Better Internet

Anti-Bullying Week

15th - 19th November 2021

Anti Bullying Week

One Kind Word

Instructions for using Zoom

Our teacher are using Zoom video conferencing platform as part of distance learning. Please click belowfor our Instructions for Zoom.