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After-School Provision iconAfter-School Provision

Extended Supervision

We offer extended supervision daily and childcare for students in:

  • Early Years from 14:55-16:30 (except for Pre-Nursery below the age of 3);
  • Year 1-6 from 14:55-15:40.

Students engage in various activities such as drawing, reading, homework time, board games, free play and outdoor games. Parents are welcome to pick up students at any time during the supervision period.

After-school Clubs

Free after-school clubs are run by BISL staff on selected days and times during term time. Clubs offered for particular age-groups may include Sports, Scouts, Cooking, Art, Drama and Dance. Students registered for these are expected to attend the clubs regularly, or they may lose their place.

Specialised clubs are offered at an additional cost. These are run by external qualified staff on school premises or in the nearby community throughout the school term. Examples include BIMS, Horse-Riding, Arts and Crafts (Digital Art), Dancing (Hip-Hop, Ballroom), Sports (Skiing, Football). Some clubs may also run during the weekend and/or school break.

More information can be found here.

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In order for students to participate in any after-school provision, parents need to register their children in advance. All parents will receive an email with the necessary form to complete.

For any activities or clubs where student numbers are limited, places will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Places are reviewed termly and parents notified on availability.

In case of a delayed pick-up or emergencies, parents must notify the school reception before/at the end of the school day, for their children to be put into extended supervision until they are collected.

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