Healthy eating for healthy minds

School Lunch

Our school lunch providers are Super Catering d.o.o.

Super Catering are a company with a strong vision and mission to prepare and serve high quality food of excellent flavours in interesting combinations and special arrangements. They only prepare meals using the best ingredients from local suppliers. Their mission is to only use seasonal, fresh and healthy foods without artificial flavour enhancers and additives. In the kitchen, Super Catering stick to the principle of using food with as little waste as possible. Super Catering are committed to working together with parents, students, staff and the school to provide the best service possible.

It was highly informative and interesting to tour Super Catering's state-of-the-art facilities to see where all the school lunches are made and the care they take over planning, sourcing, preparing and cooking the meals.


School lunch is served every day, offering a healthy selection of meals, including a vegetarian choice daily.

 In case you decide to order School lunch for your child, please complete the School lunch application form added below. Parents required to pre-order for the month ahead, the menu is sent out via email.


During break times, students can have a healthy snack, which they bring from home. For the safety of our students, we have a strict 'no nuts' policy at school.

Suitable snacks for morning break include: sandwiches, cubes of cheese, fruit, cereal bars, savoury biscuits, small pieces of cooked meat, chopped carrots/cucumber/cherry tomatoes, small plain cake, small tubs of yogurt (in cooler weather), juice or water.

Please do not allow your children to bring the following: sweets (candy) or chocolate; nuts (because of allergies of other students); food that needs to be reheated or refrigerated; canned or bottled drinks (for safety reasons); sugary or energy drinks.

Fresh fruit is available for students during the day too.