Why should your child study at an International school, and what makes British International School of Ljubljana unique and different from other international schools?

In today's interconnected world, the benefits of attending an international school with a British curriculum are undeniable. British International School in Ljubljana offers a unique educational experience that combines academic excellence with a multicultural learning environment. Students not only gain a world-class education but also develop a broader perspective on global issues, cross-cultural understanding, and international-mindedness.

In the latest inspection by PENTA International, the British International School of Ljubljana received the grade 'Outstanding in Every Category' and in featured in the official list of world schools on the website of the British Ministry of Education, which lists all accredited British schools abroad.

Promoting high academic standards

We offer a challenging programme for a successful future at university and beyond. We know you want the best education for your child, that’s why we follow the English National Curriculum throughout the school. We strive to provide a curriculum that inspires our students to achieve the best possible IGCSE and A Level results. In the first two years of our Secondary stage, the students benefit from a broad and balanced selection of courses and are given a selection of optional examination courses to choose from. Subjects are chosen in close consultation between parents and teachers and especially with keeping in mind the pathway that the students want to take after the completion of their IGCSE examination.

In the final two years of our programme, the students choose 4 AS subjects in Year 12 and and later on take 3 of those subjects to A level in Year 13. They focus extensively on mastering the content of the chosen courses.

“With an international school you have a better chance of getting into the university that you would like, and work on achieving your goals.”

Neža from Slovenia, Year 10

Being part of a successful Education Group

As part of the Orbital Education group of schools, British International School of Ljubljana benefits from the group's global expertise of delivering high quality British education via teachers, curriculum and management. The certifications that our students receive in our school are IGCSE and A Level qualifications, both recognised as gold standard qualifications, highly respected by universities and employers across the world. We strive to send our students on a successful path to higher education, careers and beyond.

“Teachers are very nice and help you every time you need help. They make sure you always do homework and study hard for a test. And I like how the teachers always give you feedback from a test or homework, on what you did well and what to improve.”

Kris from Slovenia, Year 10

A truly international experience

With students from over 40 different countries, British International School of Ljubljana has one of the most varied international student bodies in Slovenia. As well as providing a stimulating and cosmopolitan environment, this also means English is truly the common language, spoken throughout the school by all students and staff alike. International environment offers numerous opportunities to broaden horizons, explore new cultures and learn about the different aspects of cultures that make us beautiful, diverse and unique.

“When you live in a city as small as Ljubljana, there's many people you know, and everything seems so ordinary. But going to an international school widens your horizon. It makes you meet new people from all over the world and experience their culture. You get to see their perspective on things which simultaneously changes yours. It’s quite eye opening.”

Ema from Slovenia, Year 10

Extensive English language support

With such a vibrant international student body, it is no surprise that for many, English is not a first language. We offer extensive English language provision, integrated into the curriculum, for those students who are not English speakers, allowing them to access the curriculum fully. Students of British International School in Ljubljana enter school with different levels of English and joining our school might seem frighting to some. But the help amongst student and support they receive from our programme enables them to follow the courses independently quickly.

“At the beginning, when I came to this school, it was hard and scary because I didn't know how to speak English that well which was my weakness at that point. It was scary at the beginning because I didn't have any friends and I didn’t know anything about where things are etc. But EAL (English as an Additional language programme) helped me so much that now I know how to speak English really well and I was also practicing my English with my friends from different countries.”

Monika from Greece, Year 10

Non-selective school

In British International School of Ljubljana we don not want to focus only on the grades. We want to ensure that students make the best possible progress, whatever their level may be. We are a non-selective school and we focus on progression as well as attainment.

We also offer a comprehensive extra-curricular programme for our students in arts, sports, languages and more, including MEPI (the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award). We encourage environment where students progress academically and strive towards having an open-minded perspective on world.

“As children you are exposed to loads of different perspectives and languages. This helps you to develop more empathy and understanding of the rest of the world and not just your country and it helps students to grow up and feel more comfortable with the world and diversity.”

Isabella from Ireland, Year 10

From promoting our core values of excellence, respect, empathy, and challenge to providing a multicultural learning environment and preparing students for future success, British International School of Ljubljana provides a unique and valuable educational experience. Alexei from Russia could not have put it in better words:

“In an international school you can see the whole world without traveling. I like British International School of Ljubljana because everyone is different not the same.”

Alexei from Russia, Year 10