As part of the international multifaceted educational experience at BISL, students have the opportunity to participate in a myriad of enriching events.

As part of our comprehensive, students are afforded exclusive opportunities to engage in international events, collaborate with professional performers, contribute to philanthropic endeavors, and partake in many additional enriching activities. Through these diverse experiences, BISL students not only broaden their perspectives but also cultivate invaluable skills, fostering personal and professional growth that transcends geographical boundaries.

Model United Nations Conference in Tirana 2024

Model United Nations (MUN) simulations engage hundreds of thousands of students each year, helping them to learn more about the principles of the UN and how it functions. Many of today’s leaders in law, government, business and the arts – including at the UN itself – participated in Model UN as students. Participating students represent various countries, working to address global issues using their country's policies and perspectives.

Our students visited Tirana, where they are joined by students from two other Orbital schools, Britannica International School Budapest and World Academy of Tirana for a 3-day event. The overall theme of the conference is "For the Future".

Day 1

Day 2

The second day of the conference concluded with voting processes associated with the resolutions and a lovely dinner. We congratulate the following students for their participation in the MUN simulation: Lila, Anna, Yekaterina, Moises and Naomi from Y11A, Ema, Elise, Isabella and Fedor from Y11B, and Tjaša, Charlotte and Aleksander from Y12.

All conference participants have achieved commendable success; however, we take particular pride in acknowledging our students who have received honorable mentions:

  • Naomi from Y11A for Best Diplomat Committee Climate Change
  • Lila from Y11A for Best Delegate Committee Quality Education
  • Ema from Y11B for Best Diplomat Committee Quality Education
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Read Lila's captivating account of the experience at the conference:

The Mun trip to Tirana was a great learning experience where we not only learnt how to debate and discuss current affairs in a mature manner, but we also improved our social skills and built long-lasting friendships.

On day 1 of the conference, we had a startlingly early start at around 6:30 AM and got ready for the day. Many of us enjoyed picking out our business-like outfits for the day and most of us opted for a blazer. We had a quick breakfast before walking over to the Hotel where the event took place. On our way, we had the chance to enjoy the sights and architecture of Tirana and the many interestingly designed skyscrapers they had to offer. When we arrived, we all received nametags and the country we were representing and a pouch filled with the essentials for our first day: paper, pens and a timetable. We were greeted with traditional dances and songs by the host school and various speeches. Next, we were split into our different categories: quality of education, climate action and drugs and wellbeing. Once we were all separated in our mini conference rooms (each equipped with plinths and microphones) we began by playing some ice-breaker games led by the student chairs. After that we moved onto the opening speeches to state our position and views on the chosen topic of debate. Many of us were nervous, but we managed to overcome our fears and deliver our speeches with as much confidence as possible. We then had a break where we could socialize with the other groups and take advantage of the refreshments that the hotel had provided. Then we went back into our rooms and continued the debates. 

We had the chance to oppose countries and question their morals as well as team up with others, who shared the same view as us. After a few more intense hours of discussion, we took another break for lunch and spent time in the hotel garden where we could clear our heads of the busy day we were having. We finished of the day with some gossip box readings, which was a box where we could write things about other countries in the room to stir up trouble and create drama.

On day two, after splitting up into our groups again, we started off with some amendments. These amendments were based on a resolution that one group of countries was proposing. We were able to make changes to their proposals and then the rest of the room could vote to either pass or reject them. In most of the groups there were two groups with opposing solutions and ideas trying to sabotage each other. After more arguments, speeches and a couple of breaks, resolutions were voted on, and the meeting ended. To cool off, we filled out a form about our peers and read the gossip box again. The event ended with the awards ceremony, where many of us won certificates, including the best delegate/diplomat and honorable mentions and a few more speeches were given by the organizers of the events. In the evening, we attended a dinner where we could decompress and spend time with the friends that we made during the conference and some of us even danced!

Overall, the Trip was thouroughly enjoyed and we are excited to host the conference next year.

- Lila, Year 11

Tea with Reason at the British Chamber of Commerce 2023

Our students were invited to participate in the second event of the Tea with Reason at the British Chamber of Commerce on October 26, 2023. They helped with the registration of the guests and then had the opportunity to listen to the round table with managers who have made their mark in elite sports:

• John Denhof, CEO of NKBM and triathlon enthusiast
• Marko Lukić, CEO of Lumar and a top-tier climber
• Božo Černila, CEO of Trimo and dedicated boxer
• Luka Vesnaver, president of the British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and
passionate skier

BISL Choir Accompanies British Army Band Colchester 2022

We are very proud of the BISL Choir for their wonderful performance at the Charity Concert for Ukrainian Refugees with the British Army Band Colchester.

On May 5th 2022, a concert was organised in partnership with the members of the British House - the British Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, the British Embassy, the British Council, MEPI and the British International School of Ljubljana - in collaboration with the British Army Band Colchester and the 'Music for the Future’ Youth Orchestra. Our choir accompanied the Band during their performance.

100% of donations have gone directly to Slovenska filantropija, to help Ukrainian refugees in Slovenia.