Continuing our Road Safety Series, this week we have a written speech from one of our brilliant EAL students, encouraging everyone to think about their driving habits and its consequences:

I know that since I was young, I always loved cars. And I always dreamed of having a Mercedes Benz. It was a very good car and I saw it a lot of times when I was going to my school. I always thought that if people had expensive cars they would drive slowly and safely so they would not lose such a good car and money. But I was wrong, this is not always the case. Some people don’t care if they drive fast or slow, or whether it is safe and not safe, regardless of the type of car they drive.

There is a lot of danger when it comes to cars. A lot of people have accidents because of people not driving slowly and safely, especially in the city and residential areas. We should all drive slowly and safely around places with people, especially around schools, when kids can unexpectedly appear in front of people’s cars.

There are a lot of people that want to race on roads where most people are driving slowly and safely. You never know if they are going somewhere important or going somewhere to take care of someone that is very important to them or maybe have someone or something important inside of the car, like a baby for example. And imagine crashing into one of these cars. How would you feel if someone crashed into your car when you were about to do something important, like going to the hospital to visit your grandma? But even worse, how would you feel if you crashed into them? Just think how the family will react to the news of losing a loved one in a car accident. You would feel guilty and would want to apologise to them or do anything to help them. But all they would say is you can’t bring their loved one back. Only one mistake can change the lives of many. All because of careless driving.

So now that I told you all these things, I hope it has made you think about the way you drive and I hope I have encouraged you to drive safely and slowly. Especially around schools. Parents have to be extra careful with dropping off and picking up their children. I hope this speech has made you aware of the consequences that reckless driving might have.

Peter, Year 8

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Speed Limits at BISL

  • The speed limit on Cesta 24. junija (from the train tracks and Ludus Sports Park leading up to school) is 30kph.

  • The speed limit on site in the school's car park is 20kph.

Please keep these speed limits to ensure our students can arrive to and depart from school safely.