As we launch our BISL Road Safety campaign in the New Year, some of our Secondary students have also been working on encouraging our community to stay safe on the roads. Here's a thought-provoking piece from one of our Year 9s:

Road safety is a very interesting and important topic but people don’t always see eye to eye on the subject. But what is road safety? Well it's the measure and system drivers follow to reduce the risk of individuals being injured or killed. We take certain precautions and follow rules that try to make driving as safe as possible for the people inside the vehicle as well as outside of it. If you don't take these measures seriously bad things can happen. Approximately 1.35 million people die yearly worldwide and roughly 3,700 people daily. This really shows the true danger of driving and how a second of distraction can be fatal.

Now I'm not trying to scare you here, but keeping to speed limits, not being on your phone and not drinking and driving are all very important (alongside with other rules). Let's take keeping speed limits for example. Not sticking to the speed limit will increase risks of you losing control while adapting to changing roads, making it harder to stop quickly if needed. Speed limits are set at a speed that 85% of drivers would be comfortable at. I think it's not such a difficult thing to follow considering the safety difference it can make. Besides, will driving 20km/h above the speed limit really get you to your meetings faster or is there just a higher chance you will be stopped and faced with a fine? Which brings me to my second point. Is it actually that hard to call a cab home, if you had a little too much to drink at your friends house? You should just think about how many innocent people you're keeping out of danger by doing such a simple act. Theoretically speaking, if you were to get into a car accident, because you were drinking, and hit a car with a family inside, would you forgive yourself?

Ok, let's say these points were not enough to convince you to follow road rules. If they catch you breaking them you could get a criminal record, your licence could be taken away, you might have to pay a huge fee or you could be one of the 20-50 million people worldwide, yearly that don't face fatal injuries but can be left with a long-term disability. Road rules aren't hard to follow. They are simple and understandable. Everything is set out to increase your safety, the simple question is: will you follow them?

Ema, Y9

Speed Limits at BISL

  • The speed limit on Cesta 24. junija (from the train tracks and Ludus Sports Park leading up to school) is 30kph.
  • The speed limit on site in the school's car park is 20kph.

Please keep these speed limits to ensure our students can arrive to and depart from school safely.