Continuing our Road Safety Series, here's another informative piece from one of our responsible Year 8 students, encouraging everyone to stay safe on the roads:

Did you know that worldwide, in a single year 1,35 million people lose their lives due to car accidents? That’s more than one fifth of COVID deaths worldwide ever. Did you know that 94% of car accidents are caused because of drivers? Yes, only 2% are caused by technical problems on the vehicles and 4% because of the people in the streets. So 1,270 million car accidents in a year are caused because of drivers, most of them being accidents. Would you possibly live knowing you have accidentally killed another human?

Here are some reasons you might have a car accident:

  • Not looking at the road because of a phone call.
  • Going faster than the speed limit. (Speeding)
  • Skipping a red light.
  • Driving when you are tired.
  • Driving after or while drinking.

If people would drive safely, car accidents would be reduced by 75%. Speeding alone causes 50% of crashes in the world. That’s 700,000 deaths every year because people don’t respect speed limits. Isn’t it outraging? It could happen to anyone, all you need is bad luck. Personally, I would not be able to forget, how could you possibly forget such a thing?

This is why all parents at our school should drive carefully. In the morning, there are a lot of children at the drop-off. Parents should be extra careful as some children are very young and might not be on the lookout for cars. We really don’t want any student to be run over by a car. We see a lot of cars drive by way too fast and it could be very dangerous if any student would run out onto the road.

I hope this will have made you think about road safety and that it has convinced you to respect the rules of driving. Please drive safely and be alert for people who may cross the road at all times. Thank you for listening.

Valentin, Year 8

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Speed Limits at BISL

  • The speed limit on Cesta 24. junija (from the train tracks and Ludus Sports Park leading up to school) is 30kph.
  • The speed limit on site in the school's car park is 20kph.

Please keep these speed limits to ensure our students can arrive to and depart from school safely.