Our team of teachers at BISL provide a high-quality education throughout the school.

At the British International School of Ljubljana, we are very proud of our teachers. Starting with a safe environment first and foremost, our dedicated and hard-working staff ensure that our students make excellent academic progress throughout the entire school. During this year, the standards in numeracy, literacy and other academic areas have been outstanding, confirmed by the very successful PTM and PTE progress tests.Even during the disruption of transitioning to online learning through two lockdowns, the progress of our students has remained excellent.

Teachers at BISL demonstrate a thorough understanding of the criteria for effective learning: they ensure that the curriculum and its delivery are inspiring. Students learn through a variety of rich, varied, and imaginative experiences: all show high levels of engagement. Teachers know their classes well and this is evidenced in their learning portfolios and Tapestry tracking, that enables teachers to tailor the lessons appropriately. Great teaching enables students to acquire skills and abilities in a wide range of learning areas.
BSO Penta Inspection Report 2021

Recently we have seen wonderful academic outcomes in the PTM and PTE assessments. The teachers involved have been incredible and we are very proud of every teacher from Year 2 to Year 9 for their help, support and guidance with their students, preparing them for these international standardised tests. Our teachers from Year 10 to Year 13 have followed with an equally amazing effort to not only prepare students for possible external examinations, but to gather evidence for the 'school assessed grades', remaining flexible and always one step ahead to ensure our students achieve the very best IGCSE and A Level examination results regardless of the circumstances. Similarly, our staff in Early Years and Year 1 have supported our youngest students incredibly well to provide a strong foundation of knowledge through free flow learning and a play-based approach, developing key skills in phonics and numeracy to ensure a smooth transition in this early stage of their learning journey.

Our teachers have very high standards for the teaching and learning fundamentals in every class. They worked extremely well together, planning all lessons and enabling our students to have the best possible opportunities to develop their core skills in English, maths and other subjects. The external examination results show that our staff are producing excellent conditions for students to thrive. These results are fantastic and I know the staff thoroughly enjoy seeing the successes of the students they care so much about.
Paul Walton, Principal

We celebrate the academic success of our students through various international measures:

  1. Internal Assessments
  2. External Progress Tests in Maths (PTM)
  3. External Progress Tests in English (PTE)
  4. IGCSE Results
  5. AS Level Results
  6. A2 Level Results
  7. University Destinations
  8. External international competitions such as the Kangaroo Maths competition, various COBIS competitions, or the World Scholar's Cup
  9. Value added scores to measure progress between baseline assessments, including CAT4s, vs final outcomes
Both internally and externally validated data is used to monitor individual student's progress. As the school is non-selective there is appropriate continuous special educational needs provision and English as an additional language provision. Across the school both learning support departments and EAL departments work closely with class teachers and subject teachers to enable students with a range of learning needs to successfully access the curriculum. A Years 8 and 9 EAL lesson demonstrated excellent support for the students. The needs of the higher ability learner are met through lesson planning and delivery including an effective range of challenge activities.
BSO Penta Inspection Report 2021

Our passionate and committed teachers carefully plan out high quality lessons for all classes, these include opportunities for EAL, support, questioning, challenge, lesson objectives, and differentiation. Our staff have helped other schools with planning by sharing their detailed short, medium and long term overviews with colleagues. The planning, assessment, ongoing marking, feedback and evaluation of what students have learned is something our staff do extremely well. The systems in place, the progress meetings and the outcomes of our students demonstrate clear evidence of this. On top of these crucial fundamentals of a class teacher, our team have also created opportunities for the students to be creative, explore and have more fun.

Lessons are well-planned, clear and focussed. They inspire and motivate students. In the best lessons, students don’t want the period to end.
BSO Penta Inspection Report 2021

We could not be happier with the standards our staff have set in class for the progress of our students and the quality of education they receive. The quality of assessments have been refined by ongoing training, sharing of best practice and systems in place to ensure that all students receive the best written and verbal feedback possible from their teachers.

As the students move through the key stages, they become increasingly proficient in speaking English with the aim that they will become highly proficient to enable them to access higher and further education at high quality universities across the world.
BSO Penta Inspection Report 2021

At BISL, we are very proud of our teachers.

Together with our teachers, we continue to celebrate our strengths as a school, as well as other areas we excel at, which include: