At the British International School of Ljubljana, we believe that learning goes beyond the classroom, further than academic successes, and we are excited to nurture and watch our students grow in a holistic learning environment.

As an outstanding school, we commit to maintaining our level of excellence when it comes to helping our students become thoughtful, well-rounded and confident learners.

BISL’s provision for students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding. The impact it has on students’ personal development is a key strength of the school.
BSO Penta Inspection Report 2021

Every day, our students have wonderful opportunities for their personal growth. It is through these opportunities that they can develop confidence and communication skills, which in turn help impact their social, emotional, ethical and academic skills. They foster compassion, empathy and understanding for those around us in our community and further afield.

Self-knowledge and self-reflection are encouraged in lessons through self- and peer- assessment, setting personal targets, sharing of ideas and collaborative working. Students’ achievements are celebrated in many different ways, including displaying their work in school, on subject-based Instagram and other social media. Outstanding contributions or behaviours are rewarded as ‘star of the week’ in primary and achievement certificates in secondary.
BSO Penta Inspection Report 2021

In school, we have a clear plan to embed opportunities for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural learning. These can be daily tutor periods, in lessons, assemblies, trips, events, presentations or even our International Days. Opportunities to educate, listen, discuss and talk through ideas with students in all age groups and classes. This is planned, tracked and monitored carefully to ensure that we have a balanced and thorough approach across the school.

Social development is excellent. The school encourages students to reflect on their behaviour and to think about the choices they make and how these affect themselves and people around them. Students are given opportunities to reflect and take responsibility for their actions, and are supported in resolving conflicts in a positive manner. The behaviour tracker system is used in both primary and secondary to monitor students. It enables staff to support individual student needs in addressing their behaviour, guide them to reflect and make positive choices as ‘good citizens’.
BSO Penta Inspection Report 2021

We use our BISL Values(Respect, Empathy, Excellence, Challenge) as guidelines for everything we do at school. These can particularly help with students when they take time to think about their impact on others.

As a school, we celebrate culture, the diverse range of nationalities enriches us as a community and has been invaluable when we talk to our students about becoming global citizens.

Cultural development is excellent. With a diverse community of students, staff and parents from more than 40 different nationalities, BISL embraces different cultures and beliefs through celebration assemblies and events such as ‘International day’, the ‘European day of languages’ project and Slovene public holidays, which are incorporated into the school year calendar.
BSO Penta Inspection Report 2021

As we celebrate our strengths as a school, we also plan ahead with the end of the academic year approaching, for a new year and exciting times ahead for our school.

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