The British International School of Ljubljana is an outstanding school.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do at school. We have very happy students who enjoy the highest quality of learning experiences both in and beyond the classroom. When they arrive every day, we ensure that we have extremely comprehensive and thorough safety procedures to create the best learning environment possible.

The provision for welfare, health and safety is outstanding.
PENTA Inspection Report 2021

This was reflected in our recent BSO (British Schools Overseas) inspection visit by the team of inspectors (Quote above). To have this in place and then further verified by an external body is wonderful affirmation of the work we do.

BISL places an appropriately high priority on ensuring that the education and wellbeing of all students are at the heart of any school policies, strategies and initiatives which are developed. Students are well supported and guided due to a consistent and caring approach by all members of staff. The students feel safe and valued as individuals. Parents identify the safe and caring environment as a significant strength of the school.
PENTA Inspection Report 2021

Our class teachers in Primary, the form tutors in Secondary and all other members of staff across the school give our students a warm welcome each day as they arrive. The time our staff spend each morning with the students helps to build respectful, strong and positive relationships, which in turn helps to create the highest quality provision of care and support for all children.

Students across all key stages are happy young people, proud of their school and thriving on the rich variety of learning experiences that it provides. In EYFS and the primary school, teachers quickly developed a thorough understanding of each child and this contributes to the nurturing of a homely environment. Relationships between teachers and form tutors provides a strong pastoral support structure. Students in Years 12 and 13 are given a high level of personal care and academic coaching due to the quality of relationships established through the school and the smaller size of nearly all classes.
PENTA Inspection Report 2021

Having small class sizes throughout the school helps create further opportunities for relationships to blossom, support for academic progress and a strong sense of encouragement to build confidence in all students.

The academic and pastoral progress of our students is carefully monitored along with members of the various teams across the school to support as well as possible.

The staff undergo training at the start of each term to ensure that everyone has completed the relevant courses, received the latest updates and best practice is shared. New staff have a very carefully planned induction period into the school, with training days and a programme of courses to complete before they step into our classrooms.

The school has an appropriate and rigorously implemented approach to the safeguarding of all children. All staff, board members and external suppliers are trained in safeguarding; regular updates and refresher courses are attended. Rigorous recruitment checks are carried out including police checks for local staff and DBS for UK expatriate staff. All staff within the school have undertaken the relevant safeguard training and senior staff and appropriate board members have undertaken higher level training.
PENTA Inspection Report 2021

We are very proud of the level of safety procedures in place, the training staff receive and the high expectations we set as a school.

I arrive each day at school before 6.00am and sign in at reception. Arriving at this time helps to make sure that the building is safe, working and ready for everyone for when they arrive to start school. I am ultimately responsible for this and it is something we have excellent procedures and routines in place for. From electricity and water, to the security and entrance, health and safety checks occur every morning. This is an area of school life that we take very seriously, have immense pride in what we do and focus completely on making sure that everyone in our community is as safe as possible, ready to focus on their learning.
Paul Walton, Principal

We have received a 100% health and safety compliance check by the Ministry of Education in 2020/21, prior to our outstanding BSO Inspection in March 2021, and our health and safety procedures, documentation and policies have been shared with other schools in Slovenia and across our group of schools in Orbital Education.

A designated team has overall responsibility for health and safety within the school campus. Regular risk assessments are carried out throughout the school and for any external activities. Those with responsibility ensure risk assessments are in place for activities and trips as well as practical subjects such as science, PE and outdoor learning environments. Staff are trained to deliver first aid as required; rooms are equipped with appropriate first aid boxes. The school site is kept very clean and is well maintained. Fire drills and lockdowns are conducted regularly, and evacuation procedures are evident in all rooms.
PENTA Inspection Report 2021

We have celebrated our outstanding Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural provision for students in an earlier article, as well as our strengths as a school, we now plan ahead with the end of the academic year approaching, for a new year and exciting times ahead for our school.

To read a copy of our full inspection report please click here: