A word from Ms Andronikos

Block 5 Week 5

It has been such a productive penultimate week of the block at BISL this week with mock exams happening for the Year 11 to 13 students. This is occurring in the top floor of the new building and the students have been working so diligently to give their best for these exams. The top floor creates the perfect, quiet setting for students to fully concentrate uninterrupted during these times. The mock examinations continue and finish next week. Teachers are looking forward to providing students with key feedback as they enter the final month of study and last round of booster sessions. Good luck to all examination students.

KS3 students this week sat the Kangaroo Maths competition. This is a worldwide competition - sat by thousands of students around the world, with the possibility to advance to the next round. Thank you to Mr Bishop for organising this for all KS1, KS2 and KS3 students across the school. We very much look forward to hearing of the results!

Parent Teacher interviews have begun this week across the school, with all teachers engaged in these every afternoon this week. It is the final round of interviews for Secondary this year, and timely prior to examination years students finishing lessons to sit their examinations halfway through next block. These interviews conclude next week, should you still wish to schedule a meeting with teachers, please contact them directly.

As the warmer weather has begun to set in, please be aware that the Secondary school will be transitioning to the summer uniform next block for Term 3. Students can still continue to wear the winter uniform, however, should orders from the new uniform supplier have been received, students are able to wear the summer uniform as listed on thewebsite. Please place your order this week if you haven’t already, to receive the summer uniform in time.

Friday 25th March is the last day of Term and is a half-day, school finishes at 12 noon. Please remember that students should come to school in their full uniform.

I wish all families a wonderful and warm weekend.

Kind regards,

Stephanie Andronikos

Head of Secondary

Mock Examinations

Mock examinations have come round again and we are very lucky to be using the bright spacious rooms on the top floor of the new building for some subjects throughout the two weeks of examinations. After the rooms have been set up, it's all up to the students to give their all and do their best. This week year 12 and 13 combined for their Statistics examination. The cumulative number of students was evenly distributed to minimise the probability of non-mutually exclusive answers. Whoever said Statistics won't come in handy?

Mr Batson

Subject News

English Block

English News:

Students continued to sharpen their Wordle and even Quordle skills this week and practised a few new tongue twisters.

Thanks to all the students from Year 7 to Year 9 for getting involved in the spelling bee. Good luck to those that have gotten through to the next round. The CHALLENGE IS ON!

The judges enjoyed looking through all the entries of the Flash Fiction 100 word story competition and are looking forward to announcing the winners shortly.

Year 7: Year 7B continued with their reading of “Holes,” while 7A entered into proofreading “battle mode,” where they had to defend their editing of their peer’s writing.

Year 8: Year 8B spent part of their library lesson deciding what books they would recommend for others to read if they were the librarian.

Year 9: Year 9 continued their analysis of a number of World War I poems.

Year 10: Year 10 worked on a detailed description of a building of their choice, including the objects within it and the people who occupied the building.

Year 11: Year 11 sat some of their English mock exams this week.

Mr Fordham, Mr. Wilkins, Mr. Staines, Mr Siter and Mr. Eve - English Department

MFL News

Slovene News

Y7 Advanced is reading a book called “Vesolje, me slišiš” by Jack Chang. It is written as a series of recordings, made by Alex emulating his hero, Carl Sagan. The novel is full of joy, optimism and determination. Y7`s are all looking forward to getting to know Alex better, and his view of our big, complicated world.

Year 8 have been discussing their daily chores that they need to complete at home. Through the dialogues students have realized that they have in common a few chores such as baking a cake, tidying up the room and so on. They particularly enjoyed a guessing activity where they tried to guess a chore drawn by one of the students.

Take a look at our photos. Can you guess the right chore?

MFL team

Maths News

Year 7 students learned about probability through dice experiments and a car race game.

They concluded that the experimental probability does not always match up with theoretical probability.

Year 8 students rolled a 20-sided die 800 times combined and also concluded that the experimental probability does not always match up with theoretical probability, but it tends toward the theoretical probability once we increase the amount of trials.

Year 10 students developed their skills in recognising key words and command terms for mensuration from past exam papers.

Year 11 students sat in the mock exam for mathematics Paper 2 and learnt how to represent grouped data with unequal class widths in a frequency density diagram.

Year 12 students finished the syllabus and are now preparing for the upcoming mock exam next week.

Math mistake of the week:

Well done to Valentin from 8B who correctly identified 3 mistakes, and Milena 7B and Tian 8A who identified one mistake.

Check out new mistakes next week in front of room 316.

Ms Zupanc, Mathematics Teacher

PE News:

Throughout PE this week, students continued to work on their striking and fielding games theme, across a range of sports. Year 7 focused on Danish Longball, working on the fundamental techniques used when batting and fielding, whilst Year 8 focused on the importance of fielding efficiently when playing kickball. Year 9 progressed to larger, team games of Danish Longball, adapting to the challenges of playing the game in a larger space, whilst Year 10 developed their overall understanding of rounders, in competitive, match play scenarios.

Mr Hayes, PE Teacher

MEPI News:

This Saturday we attended a walk in Škofja Loka. We practised reading the map, using a compass, and just making sure we are in good enough shape for the Final and Practice expeditions in the Spring. We walked 8 km for 4 hours altogether with a break along the way. We were split into two groups, there was one group of Year 9 and one of Years 11 and 12. There were some difficulties along the way, but we all found our way in the end. Some of us got a little lost and some of us weren't reading the map as well, but for sure we took a lot from this experience.

For next time, we are going to work on teamwork, including communication skills and reading the map in our MEPI planning meeting. This way we will be officially ready for the Final expedition (which is going to be much harder because of all the things we will have to carry, and how accurate we have to be). Over the next couple of weeks, we will be practising and planning for the overnight expedition which is happening in April. The preparation will consist of planning meals, who is bringing what, and the equipment which we will need for our overnight camp.

Zoja, MEPI participant

A thank you from Year 12 - Ukraine Donations

In the name of the coordinators of the “Ukraine Donations” event we would like to thank the parents, teachers and students who donated money for the charity organisations helping the Ukrainian people who have been affected by the current events. We have collected 865,32 euros which will be donated to UNICEF and Red Cross Ukraine this week as promised. All of your contributions both with the supplies, which have been shipped, and the monetary donations are greatly appreciated as they are of great importance. We are really grateful that you participated in our initiative, provided your assistance and showed your generosity and humanity.

In addition to this donation event, our group has several ideas, which we hope to act upon in the near future. We look forward to taking the initiative of organising an opportunity for BISL to continue to contribute to the provision of help for Ukrainians. We will surely inform you of any other ideas we put into practice with the support of the SLT.

Kindly thank you once again.

Ewa, Katya and Semiha

The View: Future, Present and Past

Learning environments inspire us in many different ways - here is an interesting perspective of the view to the future, present and past from the top floor from our Sixth Formers and Mr Batson!

Name the New Building

There is so much going on in the new building, from Sixth Form lessons, music and performing arts, robotics, reading carousel, mock examinations, clubs and more, it is time for the new building to be given an appropriate name!

We have already named the bridge which connects our two buildings as the 'Skywalk', and would now like to collect your ideas on what we should name the new building itself - please use this short survey to submit your suggestions.

Once the suggestions are in, our Student Council will select the Top 10, and we will then put those suggestions up for a whole school vote.

We look forward to hearing your ideas!

COBIS Coding Challenge

In partnership with Discovery Education, as part of this year's COBIS Coding Challenge, our students are given the opportunity to compete with their peers around the world to create their own app around the theme 'A difficult journey'.

Find out more here!

International Days - Mark Your Calendars

One of our biggest family events, organised in partnership with the PTA, this year’s International Days will take place between Thursday May 12 - Friday May 13.

There will be a variety of cultural and educational activities, stalls, traditional dress, flags, international cuisine, games and performances for our community to enjoy.

As many of you potentially head home for the block break, please keep this event in mind, and bring back any traditional items you’d like to display on your country stall.

If you would like to get involved in the event by having a stall at Friday’s fair to represent your country, please contact pta@britishschool.si.

For more details, please click here.

BISL Summer School 2022

With summer just around the corner, registration is now open for BISL Summer School 2022!

Click here for details.

Principal’s Update

Dear Parents,

Another week that has flown over so quickly, with lots going on and lots to celebrate in our community!

We are all very excited about our first performances in our new building, the eagerly anticipated 'Spring Concert' series on Wednesdays March 23rd, April 3rd and April 13th for Primary. This event series will be a great opportunity for you to enjoy the new facilities, see how they work, how our students enjoy learning in these new areas, and then for us to continue improving what we do ahead of a very busy summer schedule of events and projects!

Our students have been excited about their entry into the Kangaroo Maths international tournament, this is a wonderful competition to stretch and challenge our students throughout Primary and all the way up to Year 9 in Secondary. Thank you to Mr Bishop for organising this and for the support of all of our teachers helping students - we look forward to seeing how everyone has done. Congratulations to all students for entering, having a go and for doing your very best!

Thank you to parents for your ongoing support with the donations and raising awareness for our appeals and projects to support those impacted by the conflict. We really do appreciate this and are very proud of how our community has come together to help others during this time.

Next week is the final week of Term 2, please remember that on Friday, March 25, school ends at 12 noon.

Please read my full Update from the Principal here for details.

Have a great weekend!

Kind regards,

Paul Walton


Dates to Note


Mar 21st-25th

Shakespeare Week


Mar 23rd

Spring Concert Y2+3


Mar 24th

Playtime in EY


Mar 25th

End of Term 2 - School finishes at 12 noon.


Apr 4th

Staff Inset Day - School Closed


Apr 5th

Block 6 Begins


Apr 6th

Spring Concert Y1+6


Apr 8th

Coffee with the Principal


Apr 8th

Parent Appreciation Day



Spring Concert Y4+5


May 12th-13th

International Days

All upcoming events and details are available on our website.