What an active and eventful way to finish the academic year, with 5 weeks of sporting activities for our community to participate in!

This year's PE & Sports block opened with an exciting way for BISL students to positively impact our greater community and environment. Our students enthusiastically engaged in the Run for the Oceans event hosted by Adidas and Parley, where every ten minutes of running equated to one plastic bottle being pulled out of our oceans.

The PE team created the ambitious goal of 50.000 minutes of running across the school, resulting in 5.000 bottles worth of plastic waste being cleaned out of our oceans.

We are excited to announce that our goal was exceeded by our students, with 82.342 minutes of running activity carried out across the school!

Ms FairchildHead of PE

We additionally had several exciting events going on during our PE block, including successful Summer Adventure Days for Years 7-10, fun Primary and Secondary Sports Days, and a thrilling Staff vs Students Volleyball event.

Our students were not able to defeat the Teachers in the Staff vs Students Volleyball tournament, despite their best efforts, but it was certainly an exciting set of matches on the sand, and a brilliant display of communication and teamwork!

We also held the inaugural BISL Olympics where students competed in daily events, accumulating points for their academic House. All four Houses competed brilliantly throughout 24 days of competition, with the results as follows:

Congratulations to the students of Hessonite and to all of the students who took part!

The PE team would like to thank all of our students for their efforts throughout the entire sports block. Wishing everyone a restful summer holiday!