To celebrate sports, health and wellbeing as part of our PE block this year, our students and the PE Department created a variety of fun and challenging competitions on a weekly basis for everyone to get involved in.

Each week students had a chance to compete for additional House points in order to help their House win the overall title.

Additionally, students started each week with a fun classroom-based workout and learned about the importance of daily workouts, as well as different areas of sport, such as the history of sport, sport management, careers in sport, etc.

Walk Around The World

As a whole BISL community, we invited students, staff and parents to try and see if we can walk the world together in 35 days - that's a total of 62.000 kms. A huge challenge, to say the least!

Using pedometers, watches and phones, everyone recorded the amount of daily steps they made, updating the shared tracker along the way. We then updated our map to see how far we have made it.

Starting our journey in Greenland, after 35 days and over 27 MILLION steps, together we travelled a total distance of 20.695 kms, making it nearly half way around the world through Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Patagonia and South Africa!

Fantastic effort from everyone, great job.

Minecraft Competition

Using one of the most popular games at this moment Minecraft the challenge was for students to create their own:

  • Sports hall
  • PE hall
  • Stadium
  • Replica of Ludus Sports Centre

The best entries received additional House points, as well as a Minecraft build certificate.

Four Square Tournament

Our students participated in a first-time-ever Four Square Tournament during this active PE Block. The tournament connected Primary and Secondary students, which was a challenge for the younger ones and a fun experience for the older year groups.

Preliminary rounds were done inside each year group resulting in the best two students from each class representing their year group and advancing to the finals. The preliminary games were played on two courts, with the top three students from each square going onto the year group final. During the age group finals, the top six players restarted with zero points, and the top two became the year group representatives.

Congratulations to all contestants, and to Filip from Year 10, who was crowned the ultimate BISL Four Square Champion 2020-21.

We then finished the year with an exciting and fun Students v Teachers four square friendly challenge during the last week of term. Although we weren't officially keeping score, it is safe to say the students won!

Cooking Competition

To promote healthy living and wellbeing, the challenge of this competition was to create a healthy dish at home and share photos and the recipe with our community.

The winners received additional House points, BISL Chef 2020/21 certificates and their recipes was published in our school newsletter.

Whole-school Running Competition

The final challenge before the end of the academic year was for students to compete as a team for a huge amount of House points in a whole-school running competition.

Each year group was divided into their Houses and had to complete a certain distance as quick as possible.

At the end of the challenge, all of the times were combined and the fastest House of the school was announced:

  • 1st Emerald
  • 2nd Zircon
  • 3rd Hessonite
  • 4th Sapphire

Enrichment Days

Our recent Saturday 'Enrichment Days' have once again been a huge hit with our students, this time they were both focussed on sports and team building. From dodgeball, capture the flag, team building games and jungle gyms, our students had a great time together.

Take a look at details and a gallery of photos here:

PE Block was a great way to finish the academic year, we hope you stay active and healthy throughout the summer and look forward to celebrating more sports together in the new academic year!