At the British International School of Ljubljana, we are very proud of the recent Saturday 'Enrichment Days'. From dodgeball, capture the flag, team building games and jungle gyms, our students had a great time together.

These free events were created to give our students the opportunity to come into school and enjoy the following:

  • Having fun
  • Team games
  • Working together with friends across the school
  • Playing outside

The days were run by our PE department and Senior Leadership team. A special thanks to Mr Damjan, Ms Fairchild, Mr Černi and Ms Kukovica for organising the activities.

The first 3 Enrichment Days took place during the first term:

  • Enrichment Day 1 - Saturday August 22, 2020
  • Enrichment Day 2 - Saturday August 30, 2020
  • Enrichment Day 3 - Saturday September 5, 2020

Below you can see a selection of the images, games, activities and projects they completed during Enrichment Days 4 and 5:

Enrichment Day 4 - Saturday June 12

Enrichment Day 5 - Saturday June 19

Over 40 students participated in the two Saturdays this term.

During the first term, we organised 3 Saturday Enrichment Day events, giving our students 5 such enrichment opportunities in total through the 2020-21 academic year. All staff at school participated in those first 3 days and we are very grateful for their extra efforts during this time.

We are now looking forward to next year, this has been another successful event that we will consider adding to our 2021/22 events calendar.

The purpose of these 5 Enrichment Days was to give the students the opportunity to come into school together, enjoy being active, playing together and being outside as much as possible. I have no concerns about the academic progress of our students this year, it has been incredible, now it is time for them to play in teams, explore, smile and have fun. This balance of in and out of the classroom is key.
Paul Walton, Principal

We hope to see you at future events for more 'Enrichment' and fun!