Update 4. Our first parent tour of the building.

On Friday 3rd September, we had our first tour of the building for parents. Over 70 parents attended the coffee morning before the tour and were shown around our new building. Now, that the staff, students, and parents have seen the building, we look forward to it being in full use this week with literacy sessions, robotics club, and other activities starting up from Monday 6th September.

The tour of the building was led by our Principal (Paul Walton) and he showed parents around, floor by floor from the Library, Robotics room, to the Performance Theatre, and then through the school.

The feedback from the parents included positive comments about the room sizes, the floor-to-ceiling glass, an abundance of light in the rooms, and the beautiful views of Ljubljana!

During the tour, the parents had a chance to meet Ms Burtrand, our Computer Science Teacher, who was helping set up the Robotics room and the Lego robots. Ms Burtrand starts with her after-school club this week that will focus on coding, problem-solving, and using the Lego Robots - a very exciting opportunity for our students to enjoy!

Furthermore, the parents were impressed by the size of the new assembly hall on the second floor of the building. It is twice the size of the current space we use and can easily fit in the whole school for assemblies, presentations, and events.

At the end of the tour, the parents visited the rooftop glass room which has a panoramic view of Ljubljana. This is a beautiful area that will be used in the future for specific functions and formal events.

I was delighted to see so many parents attend the coffee morning and PTA mini breakfast and it was fantastic to finally show the parents around our stunning new building. We have a lot of work to do over the coming weeks and looking forward to using this wonderful new facility.
Paul Walton, Principal

The next tour of the school will be at the upcoming Coffee with the Principal, on October 8 at 8.00 am, where we hope to show further progress of deliveries, improvements, and new resources.

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