Around the globe, February marks the season for bidding farewell to winter and embracing the onset of spring. Many of these festivities are linked to the Christian observance of Shrovetide (or pre-Lent). Renowned celebrations such as the Rio Carnival, Mardi Gras, and the Venice Carnival epitomize this period. Meanwhile, in Slovenia, unique traditions characterize their observance of Pust.

These traditions vary from one locality to another, featuring distinct characters and activities. Among them, the kurent stands out as the most renowned Pust figure, with Ptuj, known as his "home," hosting the carnival event known as kurentovanje. Similarly, Cerknica celebrates karneval, while laufarija takes center stage in Cerkno.

Annually, Pust Saturday and Pust Tuesday are commemorated, with BISL Pust Tuesday emerging as one of the most vibrant days of the year.