Model United Nations (MUN) simulations engage hundreds of thousands of students each year, helping them to learn more about the principles of the UN and how it functions. Many of today’s leaders in law, government, business and the arts – including at the UN itself – participated in Model UN as students. Participating students represent various countries, working to address global issues using their country's policies and perspectives.

Our students are currently in Tirana, where they are joined by students from two other Orbital schools, Britannica International School Budapest and World Academy of Tirana for a 3-day event. The overall theme of the conference is "For the Future".

Attendees will actively engage in the simulation, assuming roles as either country delegates or members of the press. They will enhance their proficiency through various activities such as delivering speeches, participating in debates, engaging in lobbying efforts, formulating draft resolutions, and contributing to the amendment and voting processes associated with the resolutions.

Day 1

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We went around to do some lobbying, gave some speeches, practiced a lot of our speaking skills and made some new friends. It has been a lovely experience so far.

Ema and Lila, Year 11

Day 2

Screenshot 2024 02 14 094540

We debated on decreasing drug use in teenagers and the press team interviewed different delegates about their positions on different topics.

Aleksander and Tjaša, Year 12

The third day of the conference concluded with voting processes associated with the resolutions and a lovely dinner. We congratulate the following students for their participation in the MUN simulation: Lila, Anna, Yekaterina, Moises and Naomi from Y11A, Ema, Elise, Isabella and Fedor from Y11B, and Tjaša, Charlotte and Aleksander from Y12.

All conference participants have achieved commendable success; however, we take particular pride in acknowledging our students who have received honorable mentions:

  • Naomi from Y11A for Best Diplomat Committee Climate Change
  • Lila from Y11A for Best Delegate Committee Quality Education
  • Ema from Y11B for Best Diplomat Committee Quality Education

A special Thank You goes to Ms te Telde and Mr Eve for accompanying our students on this amazing trip!