Briefly describe your journey as a teacher.

I completed my Bachelors degree in Primary Education in Slovenia. During my studies I discovered the excitement of studying and working abour, having spend some good time in Norway, UK and Spain. I have spent 6 months in Norway studying Outdoor Education, followed with an internship in a private Outdoor Kindergarten in Bergen, where I was able to gain insight into a different educational system. I have taught primary classes in various public schools across Slovenia. I started my Masters in Primary Education and English through Loyola University in Seville Spain, where I also gained some experience teaching internationally. Having joined BISL August 2022, I have had the joy of working with wonderful colleagues and teach in Year 4 class.

Why did you decide to specialize in Primary education?

I decided to specialize in primary education because I have always been passionate about working with children and teaching. I have always wanted to be someone who can contribute to children's foundational knowledge and skills, someone who can inspire others and help a child progress in their knowledge and behavior. It is incredibly rewarding. It is wonderful to witness their curiosity and eagerness to learn.

What makes BISL such a unique place to work?

BISL is a unique place to work due to its international setting, system of work, and wonderful support system from the staff. It provides a positive environment for us teachers to work with students and families from diverse cultural backgrounds and grow together. Additionally, I feel like I have space to grow personally, professionally, and develop as an educator.

How would you describe a typical day at BISL?

A typical day of a Year 4 teacher at BISL is quite dynamic. It begins with coming in early and ensuring the classroom is prepared for my students. Each morning starts with reading one-on-one with students and practicing handwriting. Throughout the day, I have lessons which I try to create in a fun and engaging way. As a part of the Wellbeing team, I interact with the students if they need a listening ear. As the Primary Maths Coordinator, I also collaborate with colleagues to enhance the mathematics curriculum and ensure its effectiveness.

What is the best part of your day at BISL?

The best part of my day at BISL is being a part of my class, which becomes a second family. Each day that we spend together we grow together and learn about each other. Students are sharing their knowledge and inspiring each other. The most rewarding thing is to see the progress and growth of each child in my class. Seeing the spark of enthusiasm and achievement in their eyes is immensely gratifying. It reminds me why I chose this profession and why I love working with children.

Why is the experience of an international education important for a student?

International education is important for students as it exposes them to diverse cultures, perspectives, and experiences. It promotes open-mindedness, critical thinking, and the ability to collaborate across borders. A holistic, individual, and differentiated approach prepares the students to be a part of our global community and can give a base to thrive in a multicultural and globalized society.