I am from the UK and hold a degree in Biology from Oxford Brookes University. I gained a PGCE in Secondary Biology and General Science from York University before embarking on my first teaching post in a secondary school in Botswana. My next international move was to Brunei where my husband taught English while I took time off to be with my two young children. After returning to the UK and teaching my daughter for a year, I saw the light and decided Primary education was what I loved. After gaining a Certificate in Primary Education, I taught at independent schools in the UK and abroad including 12 years at Woodbridge School in Suffolk UK where I also took on management roles including subject leader in several subjects and Director of Studies. Other international teaching posts have included Japan, Cairo, Malaysia and Oman.

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, exploring the outdoors, reading, swimming and gardening, but my great passion is travelling - so moving to the region has brought many areas of Slovenia, as well as other countries, into range.

Working at BISL is great fun as the students are so motivated and enthusiastic. There is no such thing as a typical day at the school as the varied curriculum and many exciting events mean there is always something new and interesting happening. It is lovely that the relatively small size of the class means you get to know the children so well and can give them the attention they need to really progress. My aim is to inspire children to want to find out about the world around them and to equip them with the tools to express their ideas. I challenge them to attain their very best whilst ensuring the bedrock of knowledge and skills is secure. My teaching style is firm but fair and this enables us to have a lot of fun in the classroom whilst ensuring every child is able to grow into a confident, empathetic, thoughtful young person.