Briefly describe your journey as a teacher.

After several years working in sales for companies such as Mercedes-Benz in the UK, I wanted to change careers to do something more rewarding. My mother and brother both worked in schools, and they spoke with such passion about their roles I was intrigued. I had to start from the beginning - I was in my early 30s before I went to university. I have always been interested in history and I wanted to specialise in it, so I decided to study it at degree level.

Why did you decide to specialize in Secondary education?

After graduation I took a job in a large school in the UK, working with students who had been removed from their usual lessons due to making poor choices about their behaviour. No two days were the same, and the rewards were incredible. I was instantly hooked, and wanted to work with secondary students to help them become the best versions of themselves. I began a postgraduate qualification in education and have not looked back.

What makes BISL such a unique place to work?

We have such a range of nationalities and cultures in our student body, and I am inspired knowing that all of them are studying towards top British qualifications such as iGCSEs and A levels, often with English as a second language. Our class sizes and facilities mean that our students have an educational experience that is second-to-none in Slovenia. We are one of only a handful of schools that are outstanding in every category in the world, and I am proud to work for such a prestigious school. Furthermore, the PTA are very supportive here at BISL and they foster a real sense of team spirit between teachers and parents.

How would you describe a typical day at BISL?

I like to get in early and do the check - I make sure that everything is set up for a successful day. Before school starts, I look over my resources and lesson plans for the day, with the calming sound of BBC Radio 3 in the background. Students start arriving from 7.20 and then my day really begins. I can be looking at Tudor England, Imperial Russia, Weimar Germany, and the Korean War all in the course of a single day.

What is the best part of your day at BISL?

I am a morning person - I enjoy greeting students as they arrive with a big smile, excited for the day ahead.

Why is the experience of an international education important for a student?

The world is getting smaller. Opportunities to live, study and work in other countries are there for people who have the skills, experience and guidance to reach out and grab them. I mentioned the most exciting part of my day before - I would like to add that the most exciting part of my job is when I find out where our students are going to university. Being part of a process that allows students to study in a country of their choosing is an incredibly rewarding feeling.