These persuasive writing pieces from our Year 5 students about saving the planet are fantastic, take a look!

Our Year 5s were challenged to write some persuasive texts about saving the planet recently, and they have come up with some brilliant pieces that we are delighted to share with you. Many of them are even using Year 6 success criteria, such as rhetorical questions, to convince their audience.

Trees Are The Reason You Breathe – by Elena

The forests are home to thousands of animals. Animals could lose their homes any minute because of us. We take everything we want and leave them in shambles of cut-down trees and litter. We all live on the same planet with these animals and should support each other, however we don't at all. Wild animals kill less than we do. So it's time to stop! Don't destroy our magical forests!

Let's take the trees for example: do we water them? Not that much anymore. Do we cut them? Yes. Some might protest and say that they watered the plants and fed the animals. Open your eyes and count how much wood and paper products can be found next to you. A lot? I thought so. Every single paper you print once was a tree and once was an animal's home. It's not just other animals that get harmed by us, we get harmed too!

Trees and plants are the reason we breathe, monkeys and apes are the reason we exist, lakes and oceans are the reason we survive. However, we took all the power like a porcelain vase and dropped it, destroying the world with our foolishness. Let's face it, we do not sustain the earth.

Humans are complicated and not exactly perfect like some might think. We can become extinct because of our foolishness and our mistakes. Our earth is a wonderful place with billions of colours and sounds but we take it for granted; we don't understand that when we destroy the earth there won't be another one. However, it's never too late for change! It can never be too late for change. One act of kindness towards the environment can save the life of an animal. Yes, it's as easy as that, then why don't we do it? Why don't we change for the better? Think about it. There are 9 billion of us! A baby is born every minute, surely that much can make a change! If we work together we can fix the mistakes we have made years ago. Yes, it's going to be hard but we owe that to the earth!

In conclusion to this message, I want to tell you why I am writing it. Why? I am writing because it's wrong what humans are doing. We are destroying something that might never come back to us. One day, life might stop on earth, the last of the 7,000 arctic foxes might die, the last fish will leave the ocean and that will be our fault. It is never too late to say thank you because thank you is an everlasting word and my job now is to create an everlasting world.

Change begins now, change begins today!

Save Our Green Planet – by Ela

Our planet is beautiful in every way, same as all the exotic creatures that we sometimes don’t like. But that doesn’t mean that we can hurt them, because they also have a life and we have to appreciate it. I am writing this to speak for our planet which is getting destroyed because of us. Humans.

Our planet is getting destroyed and that is all that matters. We are probably going to go extinct in the next million years because of this crisis. It is getting destroyed because of plastic in the oceans, deforestation, pollution and lots more, also you might have noticed that all of these things are happening because of us. Imagine if some big dragons would destroy our homes and hurt us. How would you feel? Well, how you would feel if that happened is the same feeling that lots of animals have when their lives and homes are being destroyed. Specifically in the rainforests.

In conclusion, animals and plants are harmed and destroyed because of what we are doing to our planet. Please help this beautiful world go back to the way it was before this crisis.

green planet
It's Not Too Late To Save The World – by Yaren

When it comes to the sea, many species call the seas their home and the seas help them live. This beatiful place helps use survive too. It's the heart of the Earth.

Firstly, everybody needs the seas because it gives us food and water. As evidence - you drink water.

Secondly, every living creature needs the seas. Animals, humans, flowers, we all need water. Could you live drinking dirty water? No.

Finally, every day we are getting the seas more and more dirty. But we know that beautiful fish live there.

In conclusion, there is no question that we use the seas everyday, so help us save the seas today!

save the seas - beautiful fish
Donʼt Break What Doesnʼt Belong To You – by Marlene

I am writing on behalf of everyone who speaks for animals. Who speaks for their freedom. Animal species are getting fewer places to live and in addition they will be extinct in a few years if we continue like this.

As you can see the Amazon Rainforest is getting smaller and offers less place for animals. Do you want to know why? Well here is your answer: on one hand we need a lot of places to grow wheat and other grains but on the other hand we are forgetting that the Rainforest belongs and is home to more than 3.000 animal species and 60.000 plants.

Now if you were one of those animals, how would you find it if suddenly your house gets destroyed and you get separated from your family? I have no doubt that you would find it as bad as the animals do. And the animals hate it.

In conclusion, there is no question that human beings are doing something wrong. Where and when it happened that humans might have made a mistake doesnʼt matter. But what matters is that we did it. We (humans) have made a huge mistake and we can only get out of it with the help of the whole world!

Global Warming Affects Everything – by Nathan

We all know global warming affects the seas. Furthermore, nobody thinks about mountains. If we continue in this way, even in winter mountains will have no more snow, it will just be lakes.

Firstly, everyone knows we have to stop climate change but what do we do? Nothing! Some people try to help but the rest are like, "I don’t care". Everybody needs to help, especially presidents.

Secondly, did you know that the snow helped us against global warming? Without it we would lose. The ice too but as we know it is quickly melting which is causing huge tsunamis.

Thirdly, if we continue, there are going to be huge lakes on the mountains and it will probably cause huge waves coming from the mountains. Nobody is going to be ready for that and that is going to cause a huge mess. What should we do? Convince presidents to act.

Fourthly, we should all start acting slowly and not only for the mountains but also for the sea, for the rainforest and everywhere on earth. We should slowly by slowly stop polluting (not too slowly).

In conclusion, we have to act now. We are already seeing the consequences. The earth needs us to act.

Save Our Oceans – by Lucas Paul

There is a bunch of pollution around the world everywhere like California, Africa, Cyprus and more, but you can easily fix that by donating to Team Seas and for every dollar you donate, one pound of trash is taken out of the ocean. All of the seas are polluted with a ton of trash in the sea, and not just at one beach in every country but all the beaches in the country or state. Also, all of the ice in Antartica is melting because of how hot it is getting because of the weather and climate change. It’s never too late to clean your mess up - donate today to save the oceans!

Save the ocean - polar bear
Save The Sea Animals – by Hayato

It’s not too late to save the sea animals, we still have a chance!

Because of the litter, so many sea animals are becoming extinct and there will be no food for us to eat. If we don’t pollute the earth, global warming wouldn’t continue. The ice of Antarctica and the Arctic is melting, this wouldn’t happen if millions of people would stop polluting the sea, so it's time to try to save the earth!

Did you know that one piece of ice can destroy the earth? Imagine being a penguin - would you like your home being destroyed because of pollution? Probably not. So it’s really not okay just polluting the earth. This beautiful earth is struggling.

There is really no disagreement about what bad things we are doing to our planet. So please do your part to try to save the earth!

save the penguins
Save Bamboo Forests – by Alisa

Imagine if pandas, cute and cuddly creatures living in the tranquil bamboo forests, went extinct? I think it would be a huge pity to lose these adorable bamboo-eating, black and white animals to the power of horrible deforestation.

As pandas only eat bamboo, (which they cannot digest well and isn’t a good source of energy, therefore making them slow) the less bamboo, the less pandas. But sadly, people see bamboo as just a resource that they can mercilessly cut down and work into whatever they can fit into store shelves.

Can you imagine if one day, all the food you have disappeared into thin air with nothing but a small pile of ash left? Most likely not. But then you realise (still while imagining) that your home disappeared too. That is how it feels for these bears.

But it’s not too late. Don’t throw trash onto the ground (quite obviously) and every time you have to get rid of some random rubbish, just at least try to find a recycling bin. By yourself, there isn’t much you can do, but please share this message. We will change the world only together!

In conclusion, pandas don’t have a good diet to sustain themselves, missing homes and their food source caused by us humans, and need to help now.

Well done Year 5s! We're sure many of our readers will now do better at recycling and looking after our planet, having read these brilliant persuasive writing pieces.