Year 8A had a fantastic trip to the Woop! Arena last Friday, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Year 8A were not able to attend their Winter Adventure Day due to Covid restrictions last block, so they were treated to a day's outing to Woop! Arena in Ljubljana for a day of fun and games to enjoy as a class. Here's a recount of the day's events from two of our students, Tian and Peter.

We went to Woop! last Friday at 8am. It was closed at that time but we got to go in, which was very cool!

First, we waited for our classmates to arrive and then we went to the escape room. We went to Harry Potter and were able to escape successfully. It was very fun as we had to use our brains a lot as there were 4 rooms inside one. It was tricky and so much fun.

Then we went on to the bowling alley, where we were competing against each other to see who can get the most points. It was very fun and interestingly competitive.

After lunch - which was incredibly tasty - we went head to head in a team vs team laser tag battle (red vs blue). Blue team were really good and won.

It was a very enjoyable day and we loved it!

Tian & Peter, Year 8A

A huge thank you to Ms Tušar and Mr Eve for organising the trip and accompanying our students. We now look forward to offering further trips and educational outings for our students in the final term of the academic year!