Dear Parents and Families,

It has been a wonderful week for me personally and as a family. I was lucky enough to attend my eldest son’s graduation for his Masters’ degree. Having missed his school graduation, 18th and 21st birthday celebrations due to the pandemic I was delighted to be there in-person for this one. It was made extra special by being held in the Royal Albert Hall in the heart of London. Very special.

The reason I mention this personal event, is to emphasise to all families and parents that the journey to success and achievement for our children is never straightforward, but it is always rewarding. Over the years there have been many occasions when it seemed unlikely that we would ever get to this deserved and amazing moment. There has been covid and the pandemic, illness, having to be independent (due to parents living in China), a lack of motivation for education and study – and those are only the things that have happened in the past few years as a young adult, let alone the challenges faced in earlier times.

The point is, as parents, to love and appreciate your children and family for who they are, and to strive to support and understand in whatever way works best for your young people. In general, if we know that we are loved and cared for, most youngsters are able to find motivation, make choices and enjoy the progress they deserve. At times growing up and education can be a challenge and struggle, but with family and community support, ou

r young people will achieve what they wish for, and even enjoy the journey at the same time. Good luck and appreciate your time together. The other side of a university graduation is that your precious offspring is now fully grown up and looking to leave the nest for adventures of their own. Ah well……

Part of that journey is also going to school and getting head lice occasionally. Please know that we have had some reported cases in our Primary section most recently. This is an infestation that can be tricky to stop in schools.

The only, and best way, to prevent the spread of head lice is for all families to treat the eggs in the students’ hair with appropriate medication on a regular basis, and for the prescribed amount of time. So please, if you are notified by your son or daughter’s class teacher about the presence of head lice in their class, do check their hair and take appropriate action. In that way, everyone will benefit. If we don’t all act as necessary, it will certainly take a great deal of time to get rid of the head lice. Thank you in advance for your efforts.

Finally, a reminder concerning

school attendance. Please do remember that consistent high levels of student attendance in school (95%+), right from Reception to Y13, is a widely-recognised and accepted indicator of potential success. Whilst we do provide a student absence request form for parents to complete ahead of any planned absence, we do not encourage families t

o take their children out of school unless absolutely necessary.

Please use the designated school holidays for relaxation and travel. This lessens disruption to an individual’s education and the class as a whole and ensures everyone gets the curriculum coverage and teaching, they deserve.

Best wishes and have a lo

vely weekend,

Best wishes,

Matthew Cox