At BISL, we have always had a strong tradition of success in Mathematics and at the end of block 6, we received the results for the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust International Junior competition, which have proudly added to the outstanding achievements we have enjoyed in this academic year.

Year 7 and Year 8

Congratulations to Haruki and Shaun in Year 7, and Katarina, Laura, Ryan and Valentin in Year 8 who all participated in this year's junior competition, which consisted of 25 very gruelling problem-solving questions.

Special mentions must go to Haruki and Shaun who achieved Silver awards and Ryan who achieved a Gold award.

Awarded both a Gold award and Best In The School with an overall score of 96%, extra special congratulations must go to Valentin.

Well done to all!

Below is a quick reminder of the results from the other competitions during the academic year.

Intermediate and Senior Challenge results

Year 10 - Intermediate competition

  • Ema - Bronze award
  • Tjaša - Silver award
  • Petr - Gold award
  • Georg - Gold award and best in school

Year 11 - Intermediate competition

  • Nastja - Silver award
  • Lara - Gold award

Year 12 - Senior competition

  • Hebe - Bronze award
  • Ewa - Silver award

Year 13 - Senior competition

  • Rosemarijn - Bronze award
  • Chloe - Gold award and best in school

Chloe of course has been a very hard working and gifted Mathematician and an exemplary ambassador for the subject since joining the school.

As she awaits her final Further Mathematics A Level examinations, having already secured an A grade in her AS level examinations last year, it is a good time to look back at how Chloe has progressed in this subject since joining our school in Year 10.

Chloe joined a group of Year 11 students in 2019 who were entered into IGCSE Mathematics early, taking her examination in November 2019. The group achieved 100% grade A* to A in that series.

The next step was for her to take IGCSE Additional Mathematics in June 2020 as a pathway to A Level Mathematics. Once again, with Chloe amongst the candidates, the group achieved 100% grade A* - A. This was a very impressive achievement, particularly as she spent only 6 months to complete what is usually a two-year course.

The next challenge was to complete A Level Mathematics, which is usually a two-year course, in only one year! Chloe joined both AS and A2 classes and in June 2021, obtaining an A* grade in a group which achieved 82% A* - A grades.

It is wonderful to think about the plans that we made, back in August 2019, which have led Chloe to a place where she has received offers from Warwick University, Manchester University, University of Amsterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam and UCL, currently the 8th best university in the world.

I am very proud of all of the Mathematicians I have taught and guided over the years, I am extremely grateful to have a department of commitment and skilful teachers in Ms Andronikos and Ms Zupanc. And I have been blessed to have taught such amazing students who, in their own ways, have supported and aided me to create and facilitate a positive environment for learning.

Mr Jason BatsonHead of Mathematics

Once again, a final congratulations to our competitors from Secondary school for all of their awards, to all students from Years 11, 12 and 13 who are writing their IGCSE, AS and A2 Mathematics examinations at the moment, to the parents for their continued support and to the Mathematics department whose efforts and dedication to the job are second to none.