Year 9 students have been working on Gothic literature in class. The students were told to write a short paragraph based on a picture of a haunted house and to focus on a character and their feelings.

The candle was on the table, the flame barely flickered, barely illuminating the already dark room. Nothing had already scared me in that mansion, after being stuck here for probably a week. All doors and windows were completely blocked, I did not have any idea what time of the day it was. Morning? Evening? I’ll find out one day, when I finally find a way out of here. I always had an uncomfortable feeling like someone was watching me whatever I would do. I never believed in ghosts before, but voices suddenly appearing somewhere in dark halls already made me change my beliefs. As soon as a few days passed, I thought that nothing would help me. The hopeless feeling was making me sick, each time searching for a way out. Some days I randomly stumbled against food, which usually appeared out of nowhere, in places I already have checked before. Did someone try to help me that way? Or was it just some madman playing games with me? I will never know the answer, but right now, anything would help to end my misery.

“So, having fun?”

I shuddered in surprise because I had not heard human speech for a long time. Turning around sharply, I discovered for myself that there was no one behind my back. Assuming that I was losing my mind, I trudged down the dark corridor. Today I slept well, perhaps I will be lucky to find a new room, which here, apparently every day, appeared and disappeared in different timelines. Every second spent in here, I felt like walls were watching me, probably having fun realizing that I'll never have a chance to leave that place. Well, we’ll find out...

Uliana, Year 9