As part of English block, our Secondary students were challenged to write an award-winning poem, to be judged by the English Language students in Year 12.

We were delighted with how many students rose to the occasion, with many entries, making it hard for our Year 12 judges to narrow it down to just one. We would like to congratulate the winner, Ema in Year 9b, for her fantastic poem, Kalopsia.


In a battle of wits and blood,

No one came close to the hero.

Every jet black night

His head senselessly fell on the pillow.

As the mattress got soaked in cold sweat and tears

He cried himself to sleep, once again, it appears.

He made everyone ask him,

“Why are you so sad?”

“You’ve won every battle

That you have ever led!”

“You’ve driven every

Enemy to their demise!”

For every villain in history

You are a subject of despise!”

However, the hero was never proud of his fearless feats

He never enjoyed the cries and cheers of the crowds in the streets.

Every toast in his name, every victory celebration felt the same.

It had felt as if he had finally gone insane.

Without a fail, every time he closed his eyes,

The screams of the battlefield drove him mad

In the battle where corpses of his allies lied

And white flags wavered in the winds.

There was no bad guys,

Just fighters for their kin.

Of course he tried putting on a smile,

Even if it was a ruse,

He had a valid excuse.

But how could he love himself

And shamelessly smile

If whenever he looked in the mirror,

He saw no winner

He only saw a sinner.