Educational outcomes have continued to remain at the highest standard, during a year of blended online and onsite learning

BISL is an ‘Outstandingschool and our students have yet again achieved remarkable results, this time during a very challenging academic year. During a year of two lockdowns and transitions to online learning, back to the classroom, our students have made exceptional progress.

We are delighted to announce our outstanding results from the recent PTE and PTM assessments at school.

These are subject attainment tests for English and Maths and are standardised across 100,000 children to accurately measure how our school and our students are performing.

The PTE and PTM Tests

The PTE (Progress Test in English) assesses the technical English Skills of the students, including spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as reading comprehension. The PTM (Progress Test in Maths) monitors their mathematical skills and knowledge, in areas such as number, shape, data handling and algebra, as well as their mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills. These tests are provided by GL Assessment and are used in over 100 countries worldwide, including our family of schools in the Orbital Education Group.

These international tests provide a rigorous and high-quality assessment for all students.

The standards achieved by students at BISL are excellent. An outstanding curriculum, excellent teaching and high-quality attention to students’ care lead to high standards across the school. The school’s rigorous monitoring shows that over time, students make excellent progress, consistently above UK national and many international standards.
BSO Inspection Report 2021

Monitoring of Progress

Our staff monitor, track and intervene with the students throughout the year and we have excellent systems in place to ensure that all students progress extremely well. These systems, routines and being very organised mean that all staff are aware of the strengths and areas to improve for each individual student. Furthermore, they all have clear examples and strategies to help every student with their progress in Maths and English. Early intervention is key to support all students and our staff are very well trained in spotting underachievement, trends and patterns with the data used at school.

As a team, our staff work together on a daily basis with intervention meetings, planning, sharing ideas and attend training sessions to further develop professionally.

These highly effective systems in place were observed during our recent school inspection.

Primary Results

Whole School Results

These charts show the consistently high standards achieved by our wonderful students at BISL over the past 5 years. The last 3 years have been particularly incredible.

I am very proud of the hard work, perseverance and effort by our students who continue to develop and thrive through inspirational teaching by our amazing staff. It is an achievement we should all be proud of, and we take great pleasure in publishing our results every year to celebrate the successes of the students. Congratulations to each and every single student.”
Paul Walton, Principal

Our students at BISL achieve significantly above expectations over time and this has continued to improve. They have once again produced outstanding academic outcomes, raising the standards and setting the bar higher for the next cohort.

This is particularly impressive when you take into account the fact that many of our students are not native English speakers.

Through effective monitoring and analysis of achievement data, the school is able to identify any trends and further opportunities for developing the teaching and learning. Students interviewed in the secondary school felt the use of shared academic data had a significant impact on helping them raise their achievement levels across all subjects.
BSO Inspection Report 2021

The students have been wonderful again this year and truly deserve all the plaudits for their outstanding results across the school.

Our dedicated, qualified, and passionate teachers have worked extremely hard with the students and put in an enormous amount of effort with:

  1. Highly successful tracking systems, intervention meetings and the effective use of data at school so that the progress of each and every single student is monitored.
  2. Thorough and comprehensive preparation for the standardised tests.
  3. Ongoing regular and detailed personalised feedback to ensure good progress.
  4. High-quality resources, videos and activities to engage students.
  5. Activities to enhance problem-solving and regular retrieval practice to solidify understanding.
  6. Online learning activities to guide, consolidate and extend learning.

What Our Student Say

We are very proud of everyone involved and now look forward to our next set of results, for our IGCSE and A Level students, which are due to be released in August. Furthermore, we are very excited about the year ahead and maintaining our outstanding academic results as well as continuing to offer wonderful learning experiences.

Congratulations to all!