Update 2. With our first lessons on Monday 30th August, we are very excited to use the new building and especially thrilled to have 'Storytelling' and literacy lessons amongst the first to take place. Our new building will certainly create a host of high-quality learning opportunities for our students.

In the new Learning Hub Library we will have:

  • 3 specialist areas for students to enjoy reading;
  • Seats for over 20 students and additional soft furnished areas for a group of 20;
  • A study area for students with chairs, desks, and 2 large whiteboards for student use;
  • An after-school activity each week for students to participate in.

We look forward to Ms Harris and Ms Gillespie leading literacy sessions on Monday with their classes. The students are very excited to experience the library and have a new area to enjoy their favourite stories each week. This will also be used after school in the activities starting Monday 6th September.

Over the past few weeks, we have shared out various facts about the building and what this brings to our campus in terms of new facilities, learning spaces, and key areas.

"Our new library is now ready for our students to enjoy in lessons and in the after school activities. We look forward to creating opportunities for BISL students, teachers and parents to organise and help run this new area, creating a love for reading and a further passion for literacy across the school community. I am very excited to read to the students soon and can't wait to enjoy this new development of our school”.
Paul Walton, Principal

Our current parents will have an opportunity to go on a tour of the building as part of the first Coffee with the Principal on Friday, 3rd September.

Our official Opening Ceremony and presentations of the building will start during block 1 of this academic year.

Thinking about joining our school?

Join us on October 27 between 9am and 11am to get a glimpse into student life at BISL.

This Open Day is the perfect opportunity for you and your child to tour our new facilities, find out how our students learn, meet our teachers, and speak to some of our students, giving you a real first-hand experience of our growing school.

Or you can join us on our two virtual Open Days on October 12 and October 19.

Virtual Open Day - October 12

Spletni informativni dan - Oktober 19

These Virtual Open Days are a great opportunity for you to learn about our school, find out what makes us special, hear from our students, meet our Leadership Team and ask us any questions in a friendly setting.

To find out more, don't hesitate to send us an email at admissions@britishschool.si.

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