We are delighted to share with you the results of the BISL 2020/21 Parent Survey.

Teachers are extremely dedicated, they see each kid individually and give helpful feedback. They seem to really care about their students. All new experiences for us, all very much appreciated!”
Parent comment

Steadily over the last few years, we've had a positive turnout for our Parent survey, giving us a very broad and balanced view of where you feel our school is on its journey to being a high-quality international educational establishment.

Thank you for taking the time to share your opinions and feedback with us, it is very much appreciated and valued as we embrace continuous improvement and strive for the best possible learning environment in school for our community.

Please find a copy of the 2020 Parent Survey Analysis here, which will be shared and discussed in more detail with parents during the upcoming Coffee with the Principal on Friday 5th March. During this session, Mr Walton will talk through the main areas of the findings and discuss these further with parents.

The 3 areas that you believe the British International School of Ljubljana excels in:

1. Teaching staff

2. Personalised approach

3. Academic achievements

The highest improvement area in this year’s Parent Survey was the Academic Achievements of Students, with 65% of parents rating this performance area as either Good or Excellent - a 13% growth from last year.

The 2 areas that you believe the British International School of Ljubljana needs to improve in:

1. After School Activities

2. Facilities

The top 3 'Performance Areas', with the highest percentage of 'Excellent',are:

1. Care Given to the Students

2. Quality of Teaching Overall

3. Leadership and Management

Then, the top 2 'Performance Areas' for development, with the lowest percentage of 'Excellent', are:

1. Fees

2. Location

Please find a copy of the 2020 Parent Survey Action Plan here and don't forget to join the Coffee with the Principal on Friday 5th March for more details.

Thank you once again for your ongoing support, encouragement and trust. We look forward to maintaining these excellent standards and exciting learning experiences for our students, and celebrating a successful rest of the academic year for our entire community at the British International School of Ljubljana.

My child has grown and developed immensely since we joined BISL, for which I am very grateful.”
Parent comment