What do Ivan Pavlov, Chepkirui Kitur Bornes and Michael Jackson’s Thriller have in common? Well, they are all connected to the various events that our students took part in during the second Block!

What do Ivan Pavlov, Chepkirui Kitur Bornes and Michael Jackson’s Thriller have in common? Well, they are all connected to the various events that our students took part in during the second Block:

We saw some extremely interesting and informative student presentations from each class during the last Primary Assembly, as part of the Humanities Theme of the Block Competition. Amongst other important people in history, the Y6A winning team presented to the audience the life of Ivan Pavlov, a Russian physiologist.

On 26th October, BISL participated in the Fun Run as part of the biggest Ljubljana Marathon to this day. Along with Chepkirui Kitur Bornes, who achieved a new record of 2:21:26 in a women's category, many of our students and staff took on the challenge and persevered to that finish line. Well done to all of them!

‘Creatures of the night’ came in their costumes for our Halloween Celebration and danced to Thriller. If you are a fan of ‘finger food’, you were sure to find it among the selection of goodies on the day. The 6th Form Students also organised the Halloween Movie Night for students across the school, including popcorn, lemonade and other delicious snacks.

On Monday 4th November, students and staff learned about our Founder, Jeremy Hibbins. A tree-planting ceremony was held in the school Woodland area as a memorial for the Founder's Day, to remember Jeremy’s passion for learning and love of music.

The last day of the block was a Dress Down Day, with everyone wearing clothes to show their ‘Individuality’. Students investigated the question: ‘What do your clothes say about you?’ We found out favourite colours of some teachers and students, what their hobbies were and who likes unicorns!

Classroom Highlights

The Early Years visited the Farm in Škofljica to further explore their topic ‘Animals’. Students were able to learn about and meet various animals, that have been abandoned and rescued by the farmers. They have also been learning about 2D shapes as part of their new ‘Patterns’ topic, making shapes with lego, paint and stamps, finding shapes around the classroom creating their own special patterns with shapes!

Linked to their literacy lessons, the Year 1 have been working in groups to act out scenes, as part of developing their confidence through drama. They too visited the animal farm in Škofljica as part of the curriculum trips programme, enabling students to learn through authentic experiences, exploring new things and settings.

Year 1 also enjoyed Year 9 students coming to read with them, using the outdoor learning area and making the most of the sunshine. It was brilliant to see older students working with younger generations, through collaboration, support and encouragement.

The Year 2 class worked really hard at creating some projects about the environment and our planet. They have all thought carefully about ways we can protect and look after the world we live in, and presented their ideas to the rest of the class. In topic, students identified exercise as an important element in maintaining our brain healthy!

Year 3 have been discussing all about ‘Robots’: reading and creating own stories in literacy, as well as, designing own robots during Topic lessons. From animal robots to robots that do our homework and cook our dinner, students experimented with different materials and designs, and thought about how the invention of robots could help us in the future!

As part of the Nature of Life topic, Year 4 students have been practising their photography skills. The class voted for their favourite photographs, selecting the winning photograph by the name of 'Spider in its Web'.

The Year 5 students created their own countries which helped them explore what modern-day globalisation looks like when trading resources and exchanging different cultures.

The Year 6B class discussed important topic of feelings and improvised scenes to explore these. Students discussed what was said, how they reacted and what happened as a result, in order to be able to understand the role of feelings in interactions with others. Year 6 classes have also been busy campaigning for the roles of the Head Boy/Girl, Prefects, and House Captains, the results of which will be revealed soon, through the voting system involving all primary students and teachers.

The Year 5 and Year 6 students ventured on a Residential trip to Grad Prestranek and Križna jama (cave). The adventures involved caves, farm and castle history tours, with some cooking skills being tested during the pizza making activity. Apart from educational benefits, such trips serve to foster the school values, social interaction, communication and teamwork.

For their curriculum trip, the Year 5 and6 students also visited the City Museum of Ljubljana, to tie in with their topic 'Settlements' and 'Civilisations'. The visit included a tour of the rich history of Ljubljana, with authentic artefacts exhibition and the opportunity to try on a Roman armour.

Departmental Highlights

The MyMachine Project is now well underway, with primary students voting for their chosen design and we look forward to the results in the next block. The winning design will go on to be realised and ‘come to life’.

The Performing Arts Club, with members from Year 2 to Year 7, have been busy working on their lines and songs for A Christmas Carol. They are looking forward to sharing it with the school community during the upcoming performances in December.

With the multi-sport dome going up for the upcoming winter, primary students took on the opportunity to expand on their football skills as part of their PE curriculum.

As part of the PSHE/SMSC Programme at school, we talked to students about the NSPCC’s PANTS programme and how they can protect themselves from abuse. Parents also received information and guides to help them approach this difficult, but essential, subject with their children.

In French lessons, students learned about addresses: they decided to write and send real postcards to their classmates, in order to practice their language skills and make some people very happy!

Poetry was one of the focuses in Slovene during the last block, with students role-playing characters and stories from poems they have read. There was a moral to be learned from the poems, this time for the parents: 'Children do appreciate your efforts, especially after stepping inside your shoes.'

Dates to Note

Reports will be issued on December 6th.

Parent-Teacher Meetings will be held during the week of December 9th, Monday through Friday.

You can keep track of upcoming events and important information through our Weekly Newsletters.

With best wishes,

Katarina Železinger

Head of Primary