This week's news from our Secondary school.

A word from Ms Andronikos

It has been a big couple of weeks at BISL, despite the long weekend, with many wonderful events happening around school. These two weeks have seen the appointment of House Captains; congratulations to Eren for Emerald, Micky for Zircon, Daniel for Hessonite and Vojko for Sapphire. It will be wonderful to see these students raise the profile of houses, motivate and foster some friendly house banter in the Secondary school.

Additionally, Student Council Representatives were appointed. Congratulations to the following students, who will be the voice of their peers when driving projects within the school:

Y7 – Lila

Y8 – Anna and Begum

Y9 – Mark

Y10 – Noah

Y11 - Luka and Alex

Y12 – Christopher

Y13 – Marco and Ioannis

KS3 Chair - Asia

KS4 Chair - Noah

KS5 Chair - Christopher

The Halloween celebrations were extremely successful last week, with the Sixth Form students hosting a well organised Movie Night and the PTA hosting a wonderful Halloween celebration. It was great to see all the creative costumes across the school and students getting well into the spirit.

In assembly this week, many students were awarded for their efforts in various areas such as the Ljubljana Marathon, Humanities and Science. It is fantastic to be able to celebrate students’ commitment in several areas inside and outside of the classroom.

On Wednesday this week the school opened their doors to the community for an Open Day. These days are wonderful opportunities to share all that is BISL with the public. A big thank you to all staff, students and parents who supported this event, making families feel welcome. Lastly, to finish Block Two, students celebrated with a dress down day.

Next block will see many more events with assessments submitted, contributing to their reports that will be issued to families on December 6, swimming days allocated for all of Secondary, Parent Teacher Interviews being conducted in Week 4 – more information will come – and finally, the Block finishes with a Christmas show in Week 5. A very busy time of the year, with even more to celebrate.

I wish all families a wonderful and restful block break, to recharge ready to finish the Term.

Stephanie Andronikos

Head of Secondary

Founder's Day 2019

We are proud to continue the tradition of Founder's Day and to celebrate our Founder, Jeremy Hibbins, during a very respectful event, welcoming all students, teachers and visitors into BISL once again to mark this important and special day.

The memorial tree planted in our Woodland Area will serve a meaningful dedication to Jeremy Hibbins and will be a permanent reminder for future staff and students to observe.

Sixth Form Examinations

It's a wrap for all the November examinations. Thank you to everyone who helped the candidates focus on their work by staying silent when the signs were up. I'm sure the candidates very much appreciated it. Now that we have had the practise, we should all be experts at moving around the top floor quietly and respectfully when the May/June external examinations start in just over 90 school days!

Mr Batson

Humanities Theme Block

Congratulations to those students who performed so well in Humanities subjects (Geography, History and Computer Science) over the past block and were awarded certificates in recognition of their outstanding work.

Geography award winners

Jon Year 7, Martin Year 8, Jernej Year 9, Anže Year 10, Chloe Year 11, and Daniil Year 12

History award winners

Lila Year 7, Aleks Year 8, Asia Year 9, Ekaterina Year 10, Aleks Year 12 and Ioannis Year 13

Computer Science award winners

Eddie and Jon Year 7, Ana Year 8, Ole Year 9, Oriol Year 10 and Luka Year 11

News from PE


We would like to thank again all the students, parents and teachers who were involved in this year's marathon event. We think this is one of the best and biggest sports events each year to represent and show our school sport spirit.


BISL Basketball Team will soon have their first match against the Primary school of Koseze. The fixture will take place at the sports hall of Koseze primary school on the first Monday after break (18th November 2019) at 13:00. All parents from students who signed up to the team will receive an additional email with detailed information.


The PE Department is delighted to announce that our school will be hosting our first inter-school tournament in floorball. This is a big moment for our school as we will be hosting other primary schools from all around Ljubljana. The tournament will be happening on the 10th December 2019 in our sports hall at Ludus. All students born in between the years 2007 - 2009 can enter, therefore if any students would still like to apply to the BISL Floorball team, we encourage them to do so as soon as possible.

In addition to this tournament, we will be hosting another one later in the year for all students born in between the years 2005 & 2006.

Mr Damjan

News from Music

Performing Arts students (from Y2 through Y7) are continuing to work on their musical, A Christmas Carol. They look forward to presenting it to the school community on Wednesday, December 4th, at 4 pm. Please note the changed date on your calendar! Mrs Reindl

Year 11 Art & Design for Primary School

Rosemarijn and Taja took the initiative and spent hours helping to bring to life these beautiful posters for Primary. They are showcasing eight pillars of global citizenship for primary students to look up to.

Ms Clayton

Year 9 Volunteering Project

Another case of Secondary students working with Primary took place recently with Year 9 volunteering with Year 1. There was solid reading for 30-35 minutes and a bit of play for the last 5 minutes.

I hope Year 1 had a good time - I can say with confidence that Year 9 were buzzing with positivity and enthusiasm for the rest of the afternoon.

Miss Dascalescu

Halloween Celebrations

Our students really got into the spirit of things at our Halloween celebration last week. Some really clever and scary costumes were worn proudly through the day. Everyone looked fantastic - what an entertaining and fun day!

A very special thanks to our wonderful PTA who organised this fantastic occasion and decorated the school from top to bottom. We appreciate the time, effort and organisation that went into this special day. We are also grateful for the support of all parents involved in the costumes, decorations, finger food, and attending our Halloween afternoon party.