News from our Secondary school this week

A word from Ms Andronikos

This week started with an assembly that saw the beginning of our student leadership inducted for this academic year. The Secondary Prefects, Head Boy and Head Girl were named. Congratulations to:

Prefects: Martin, Ajda, Nicholas, Micky, Emma, Taja, Max, Ana, Georgi, Leeloo

Head Boy : Adrian

Head Girl: Eva

We were very proud to honour them in this assembly and look forward to their ideas and energy in these roles. Students have other leadership opportunities presented by way of Student Council and House Captains. Ms Dascalescu will be assisting the Student Council to be formed and inducted, and is asking for any students interested to notify their Form Tutors. Mr Damjan has already asked for nominees for House Captains, so please follow the link he has already emailed out. I look forward to seeing as many students as possible striving to take advantage of these opportunities.

In other news, we warmly welcomed Mr Bailey to BISL to teach Business and Economics and the Humanities department has celebrated the Humanities theme this week with an inter-house Humanities quiz in KS3. The winners will be announced during assembly on Monday.

The term is rapidly progressing, and I encourage families to continue to refer to the Assessment Calendars sent out in Block 1. There are several assessments coming up that students should be currently starting to prepare for. Just a reminder, that should a student be absent, they are responsible for the work that is missed.

“Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. That’s the price we have to pay to achieve that goal or any goal.” Vince Lombardi

I wish you and your families a wonderful weekend.

Stephanie Andronikos,

Head of Secondary

New Secondary Head Boy, Head Girl and Prefects

Sixth Form Halloween Movie Night

A reminder about Halloween movie night during the month of Spooktober. Everybody is welcome! From the school’s youngest members, all the way to the parents, everyone can find something to enjoy and be frightened by. Join us just before the end of the block, on the 29th of October, by purchasing tickets which are already on sale and available for purchase in the 6th Form area. What are we watching? Well, that’s up to you, the students! Over the course of the next couple of days you will all have the opportunity to vote for the movie you most want to see. There’ll be popcorn, lemonade and other delicious snacks. So, get in to the spooky spirit by joining us at the Halloween Movie Night.

Sixth Form students

Humanities Theme - Block 2

To start off our celebration of Humanities as the Theme of Block 2 students from Years 7, 8 and 9 competed against each other in House Teams in the Humanities Quiz on Wednesday afternoon. The students were split into their Houses and then further divided into smaller teams of between 4 and 6 students. Ms Dascalescu and myself then quizzed them on various historical and geographical topics ranging from Kings and Queens to world population growth. The students performed fantastically and it was really great to see students from different year groups working together in the name of their house to win the competition. Ms Dascalescu and I are excited to share the results with the school on Monday during assembly and to tell you about the other ways that we will be celebrating the Humanities subjects during Block 2.

Mr Bradley, Head of Humanities Department

News from Art

In Year 10 Art & Design we have been studying the work of Paul Jackson as part of our Natural World project. Well done to Ekatarina for this exceptional pen drawing!

Ms Clayton

News from Slovene

We would like to acknowledge the extra special effort of one of our students in his willingness to help other students in our Slovene class for Non- Natives. A big thank you to Georgiy in Year 8 for being so helpful to his classmates this week.

Mrs Meglič, MFL Department

News from PE


I am delighted to announce that this year we will have 61 BISL students attending the Ljubljana Marathon Event.

We are expecting to have a memorable time doing this event as there will be lots of children running from all across Slovenia.


  • there are 1530 applications for the LUMPI RUN (preschool run)
  • we will be able to watch 6260 children run their races


  • The School is receiving many candidates for the position of HOUSE CAPTAINS. If any students would like to apply for the position of a HOUSE CAPTAIN, please fill out the application form sent to your email.
  • BASKETBALL and FLOORBALL tournament will be happening soon, please contact Mr. Damjan if you wish to join these BISL sports teams. (NOTE: only for children born between 2004-2008)

Mr Damijan, PE Department