News from our Primary school this week

A word from Mrs Železinger

Safeguarding of children was the focus of this week. We often talk about and teach children about safety: crossing the roads, wearing a helmet while cycling and so on. Child abuse may seem like a difficult subject to talk about, but is essential in helping to keep children safe. Information and a guide for parents has been sent via email and we urge all parents to go through it with their children. More about the NSPCC’s PANTS programme can be foundhere.

This week sees the start of the secondary student volunteering programme, with Y9 students supporting Y1 students during their reading. This is a wonderful opportunity for student collaboration, support and encouragement. While helping with the development of reading skills, older students also act as ambassadors of the school values, through modelling positive behaviour.

‘Teaching peers is one of the best ways to develop mastery.‘ by Jeff Atwood

I wish everyone a lovely weekend,

Mrs Železinger

Head of Primary

News from Year 4

As part of our The Nature of Life topic, Year 4 students have been practising their photography skills. The class voted for their favourite photographs. The runner up was 'Purple Flower' by Karolina and Darya. The winner was 'Spider in its Web' by Liam and Daniil.

Mr Blease

News from Year 5

This week, children in Year 5 were excited to share their book project shoebox with the class. We had our Maths assessment in addition and subtraction and we created our own similes to include in later writing projects. I am as excited as a baby with chocolate for the class trip next week!

Mr Walker

News from Year 6

Y6B were discussing feelings equations in class this week.

Children received a note with a specific feeling they were asked to act out. The person who got the happy note had to act ‘happy’ and the student with the sad note had to act ‘sad’.

Their task was to improvise a scene in which they imagined they have just met each other.


After the performance, we discussed what students said to each other, how they acted and what happened as a result?

Mr Kokalj

Departmental News


Year 5 students focused on addresses this week and they had the wonderful idea to apply their knowledge in real life! They decided to write and send real postcards of their own making to one of their classmates. Check your mailboxes!

Mrs Poulet


We started our poetry lessons in Year 3 with a poem Enkrat, ko bo očka majhen ( Once, When my Father will be a Child), written by Jože Snoj. One of the after-reading activities we did, was a role-playing game, where Ela acted as the parent and her teacher pretended to be her child. Ela took her role very seriously. The child had to eat everything she had cooked, she didn’t let him watch TV after dinner or go to bed without brushing his teeth thoroughly. She was very kind but she showed a great deal of confidence, persistence and determination when the child was protesting. She did a great job – just like a real parent might. However, by the end, she admitted that raising children is a difficult job and that she would not be able to do it every single day. So here is her message to all parents: children do appreciate your efforts, especially after stepping inside your shoes.

Mrs Meglič


Marathon Update

I am delighted to announce that this year we have 61 BISL students attending the Ljubljana Marathon Event. We are expecting to have a memorable time doing this event as there will be lots of children running from all around Slovenia.

Fun Facts:

  • there are 1530 applications for LUMPI RUN (Early Years run)
  • we will be able to watch 6260 children run their races

Mr Damjan

PE Kits

This is a gentle reminder about school expectations regarding PE kits. All students are expected to have a full PE kit for all their PE lessons. Should they fail to remember their kit, there will be actions taken.

Mr Griffin