Dear reader,

Thank you to all members of our community for making this such a positive, successful and enjoyable term so far. As we head into our last block of the calendar year, we look forward to the Christmas Bazar, developments with Sports Facilities at Ludos, the reopening of our library and a range of student events. I hope this newsletter gives you a great overview of the last block and the wonderful learning opportunities at BISL!

In Block 2, we have had the Ljubljana Marathon, Exit Point presentations in Primary, Global Perspectives projects in IGCSE, Trips, Visits from guests and many student-led assemblies. A great amount of time from staff has been spent on planning these amazing activities and we are very appreciative of their ongoing energy, creativity and excitement towards producing such a positive learning environment for all students.

We’ve had some building and facilities improvements this block, with the new ‘Woodland Area’ fence being completed, access to new car parking, new blinds installed in classrooms, a garden for students and some excellent new equipment in the Music department. We also eagerly anticipate the completion of the outdoor covered ‘Sports Bubble’ at Ludos Sports Park which will include an opening for students, parents and staff. All of these additions make the provision at school a more positive and pleasant one for us all.

We have recently celebrated Founders Day. A wonderful opportunity for students to celebrate the vision of the Founder, Jeremy Hibbins. To create an exciting learning experience for all children in a high quality international educational setting. We respect and appreciate the commitment of everyone in the past decade and celebrate these 10 years that the school has been open. We now embark on the next chapter of this exciting journey together. We will maintain this positive and challenging environment from his original vision, through our energy, passion and drive that we all have which enables the students to achieve beyond their dreams.

I’d like to add special congratulations to everyone who was involved in the World Scholars Cup for an incredible visit to Yale university. We are very proud of your achievements and believe this experience will be something that you cherish and look back on fondly in the future for years to come.

Finally, we look forward to this next block of great learning experiences, enjoyment and opportunities for our students at BISL!

Kind regards, Paul Walton