Y12 Parents Meeting

Dear Y12 Parents,

we are happy to invite you to the Y12 Parents Meeting  to discuss the consequences and how we are moving forward after the Mock Exams. In the meeting, we would like to present the following:

  • How the mock examinations went in terms of logistics. This will include any major observations made about the students and their conduct during the examination period.
  • The statistics of the mock examinations in terms of the percentage of grades achieved overall. We would like to compare the current year 12 cohorts achievements with previous year groups and then look at the achievements of previous year groups in the final external examinations which take place in May and June.
  • What the students should be doing from this moment on. We would like to explain the advice we will be giving to students in terms of how they should reflect on their results, what they should be doing about the feedback they are given, revision techniques and general examination preparation.
  • What the school will be doing in order to support students who may be having difficulties in their studies.
  • What parents could be doing in order to best support their children.

We are looking forward to see you in the New Assembly Hall.