The PE team is excited to introduce and invite you to join us in the Run for the Oceans event hosted by Adidas and Parley. The event will run from May 22nd through June 8th.

Our goal is to run 50,000 minutes as an entire school during Block 7. This would result in 5,000 lbs of plastic being cleaned out of the oceans.

Here’s how to take part at home (app sign-up optional)

  • Sign up for Run For The Oceans on the Adidas Running app

  • Invite friends and family to join

  • Track runs and other sports with the app from May 23-June 8

  • Share your progress and inspire change!

  • App Information HERE

Once signed into the application, for every 10 minutes of running Adidas and Parley will take one bottle worth of plastic out of our Oceans. We kindly ask parents of students younger than 16 years old to sign in to the application and control it for them.

Each student will record family kilometers and bring them in each day to your teacher or form tutor. We will have various sea creatures on our BISL Run for the Oceans board. Each sea creature will require 250 kilometres of walking or running to be symbolically saved. Once a class has completed 250 kilometres they will pick a sea creature to save. We will see which class can save the most sea creatures in the next two weeks!

Additionally every 2,500 minutes of walking or running achieved, we will pull one symbolic plastic bottle from our BISL Ocean and place it in the net. Each bottle below represents 250 lbs of plastic waste we need to clean up to meet our goal. Help us get all of the bottles in the net and have all of our sea creatures saved before the end of week two in block seven!

Progress will be tracked on the Run for the Oceans display board (2nd Floor). 

So BISL let’s run together for the Oceans!