What is PUST? 

Pust is one of the most important cultural festivals in Slovenia and it is celebrated in every town and city, usually in February or in early March. During Pust's joyous parade that takes place through the towns' streets, a lot of noises are made to scare the “horrible” winter away. 

There is a saying in Slovenia “Pust je masten okoli ust” which literally means “Pust is greasy around the mouth” in Slovene. As any carnival, it is quite normal to have a lot of food on the table for the celebrations.

Everyone's favourite dress down day is going to be on Tuesday, February 21, where we do our part to help chase winter away with a colourful carnival of masks, fancy dress, and of course KROF!

Our lovely PTA committee will be handing out delicious krofi, these will be available during your break.

This year Pust will be going hand in hand with Word book day. Let your favourite book character be an inspiration for all the colourful costumes that we will see across the school.