The Book Exchange | December 3 | Primary & Secondary

Do you happen to have any books at home, which you don't read anymore, enjoy or are taking up a lot of space in your home?

This is your chance to not only replace some of those old books with new ones from your classmates, but also expand the collection of books within our school library by giving back to the community.

On December 3rd, Book and Barter - A book exchange and donation event initiated by the MEPI programme and led by Taja and Chloe from Sixth Form - will be taking place and open for students to pick up new books and enrich their knowledge on new topics, by exchanging and/or donating books.

How it will work

  • Students AND teachers (Primary and Secondary) bring in a couple of books to school on the 3rd of December.

  • Between 9:45 - 10:40, the secondary students exchange books in the Performance Theatre. Students in Primary will exchange age-appropriate books within their class / Key Stage.

  • Books can be donated during the book exchange or be dropped throughout the day. Book donations will be collected in donation boxes in the secondary locker area, by the reception and in the Performance Theatre.

  • Book specifications: Books can be in any language, for any age group, and on any topic as long as they are in good condition and are appropriate for school.