It is important for both you and your

child to feel confident about your child

being cared for by our Early Years


Feel free to ask questions to familiarise

yourself with our routines and let

us know if you have any concerns,

worries or questions. The first weeks

of settling-in are of crucial importance

in your child’s education.

You can already begin preparations,

by talking to them about some of the

activities which they may particularly

look forward to. It may also be helpful

if they can join you in putting together

their ‘things to bring’, such as labelled

wellingtons, lunch boxes etc. You may

wish to read one of the children’s

books with them that describe going to

a nursery.

It is also good preparation, both for

you and your child, if you can continue

to visit us together for short periods

before you start settling them in.

Our settling-in period is a gradual

introduction of your child to our Early

Years, our children, activities, daily

programme and the team. It is also a

gradual withdrawal of your presence.

These two aspects have to be carefully

and sensitively balanced.

Some children find this more

challenging than others. Your child’s

personality will certainly make a

difference: some take to the change

very easily, whilst others need more

care and time. At first, your child may

need your support and presence to be

able to come to terms with the new

experience. This is why on the first

day, we encourage parents to stay with

their child to support them if needed.

Our team needs to be aware of

any particular needs your child may

have, so that we can support them


Please complete and return to us the

Child’s Additional Information Sheet

at the back of this booklet. Mention

everything you feel may be relevant.

There is no reason why your child

shouldn’t be with you when you do

this; it will help them to see that they

will be well cared for.

Reception: +386 40 486 548 | Email:

Once you feel your child is ready to be

left for a while, find a member of our

team so that they are ready to provide

any extra help if needed. It is best to

be open and straightforward with your

child about leaving them.

Slipping away when your child is not

looking can be very distressing for

them when they find out you have


Instead, tell your child and a member

of our team, then leave without

hesitating. You are only going to be

away for a short while. It may help if

you give your child a minute or two’s

notice that you will be leaving, so they

can begin to get used to the idea.

Some tears may result, but usually

these are short-lived, and stop as soon

as you are out of sight.

After your child’s first short spell

without you, you will be ready to

discuss with our team how to proceed

with the settling-in process, which is a

gradual extension of your time away,

up to the full period your child will

be spending with us. The team will

base their advice on how your child

responds to your absence.

All children will settle in eventually if

this guidance is followed, and even

if there are setbacks, your child is

gradually getting used to what is a

major change in their life. You will

probably find that your child reacts in

some way; they may be more clingy

than usual, or they may be more

rejecting. Both are normal reactions,

and a little extra care and attention will

help them cope with these feelings.

EYFS Curriculum Structure

The Areas of Learning in Early Years are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional development,
  • Communication and Language,
  • Physical development,
  • Literacy,
  • Numeracy,
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design.

In every block, students will be immersed in a different theme.

Please find below a detailed outline of the curriculum covered in Early Years.

Block 1 - All About MeBlock 2 - TransportationBlock 3 - ShoppingBlock 4 - Traditional Stories & TalesBlock 5 - AnimalsBlock 6 - Plants and FlowersBlock 7 - Pirates
ThemeIn this topic
the students
will talk about
emotions, likes
and dislikes.
Students will
talk about self
and immediate
family in circle
They will learn
about their
own body
(parts, organs,
why we need
them, etc).
In this topic the
students will
about different
transport. They
talk about daily
used in their life
and journeys
they take us on.
They will
develop their
social and
language skills
transport related
In this topic
students will
use money in
role-play areas
such as:
• supermark
• ice cream
• parlours
• pet shops
• bakeries
Students will
talk about
different types
of shops and
they’ll have
opportunity to
apply their
learning to
(Once Upon A
In this topic
the students
will listen to
versions of
They will show
of various
elements of a
Students will
create their
own picture
books and
present them
to parents
In this topic the
students will
move like
animals to
classical music
with control
They will learn
to classify
animals into
Students will
show awareness
animals’ needs
and feelings
In this topic
students will
learn about
the natural
They will have
opportunity to
expand their
exploration of
outdoors and
learn how to
look after the
Students will
learn about
lifecycles and
how seasons
relate to
In this topic
students will
learn about
pirates, water
and its uses in
our lives.
They will build
on prior
learning from
the topic on
animal to
explore sea
Students will
create a largescale pirate
ship using
Block 1 - All About MeBlock 2 - TransportationBlock 3 - ShoppingBlock 4 - Traditional Stories & TalesBlock 5 - AnimalsBlock 6 - Plants and FlowersBlock 7 - Pirates

BISL Story Time for Early Years

Drop-off & Registration

The Drop-Off window is between 07:15 and 07:45 at the drop off area. We ask all parents to respect these times. The drop-off area is marked with a blue square in the car park by the playground.

If parents need to come into school with their child, they may park in the public car park and use the front entrance.

For safety, please follow the painted foot steps or traffic cones where applicable to make your way through the car park. The parking spots in front of Early Years are reserved for Early Years’ parents accompanying their children to/from the Early Years entrance.

Registration is at 7:50am.

Students arriving after this time will need to enter through the main entrance and register at Reception.

If students arrive late, they will miss out on Assembly or class circle time, an important feature of our programme, and this will appear on their school record.


The school day finishes at 14:45.

Pick-up is between 14.50 – 15.00.

Students are to be picked up by parents/guardians from the drop-off area (blue square near the playground) not from the Reception area.

The school playground equipment is locked outside of school hours and should not be used without staff supervision.

Parents are asked to park their cars in the public car park only. The speed limit on site is 10 km/h.

BISL Parent Parking Image