Dear Parents,

During this week we have seen some wonderful letters sent out by teachers across the school to many year groups, welcoming students into the next academic year and also sharing with the community some information, contacts and key dates.

Key Updates

  1. New staff profiles are now available, please take a look and join us in welcoming them to our community. An opportunity to meet all of the new staff and families will be Orientation Day and afternoon BBQ, held on Friday 21st August 2020. The first day of school is Monday 24th August 2020.
  2. The removal of compulsory masks has been very successful this week and enabled students to move further towards a normal school environment. The merging of classes back to the usual sizes has also been very well organised by the teachers and the students have been at their very best.
  3. Our attendance figures have remained over 90% and touched 94% during last week. This is vital to help students learn productively, in school on a regular basis, together and attending as many lessons as possible.
  4. Primary after-school provision has been improved and extended. Further information will be sent out by Mrs Železinger, Head of Primary.
  5. We have prepared a short survey to allow you as parents to give us your feedback on the e-learning process provided through the period of lockdown. We are always open to your feedback and improving together as a school.

As we continue to focus on the safety of all members of our community, we will continue to review other safety aspects of school life (lunches, activities, events, gatherings, etc.) on a daily basis and any changes are to be announced each Friday. This keeps the messages clear and consistent. No changes today.

As we receive further updates, we will add them to our BISL reopening procedures page and email out any changes to the guidance.

Summer School

Further information will be sent out about our two-weeks of free Summer School. Thank you to everyone who has signed up for this. We are looking forward to an exciting range of activities over the two weeks and we will be in touch soon with the schedule, details and timings.

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I hope you have a relaxing, recharging and restful weekend.

Kind regards,

Paul Walton