Dear Parents,

During this week we have seen our students continue to settle back into routines and they have been wonderful. I have been particularly impressed by the attendance of our students in Early Years to Year 10, the figure last week matches our highest in the last two terms. This is great news as we all know that excellent attendance is key for good learning.

Updates to Safety Guidance

We will continue to focus on the safety of all members of the community.

  1. During the next week, upon careful consideration, we have decided to relax the guidance further on the use of masks in school, this means as of Monday 8th June, masks will be optional for secondary students. Masks for staff continues to be recommended, but will now be optional. This is in accordance with the most recent ministry guidance.
  2. Primary after-school provision will be upgraded to include all primary students (up to and including Year 6) who wish to stay back after school until 3.40pm. Early Years provision will continue up until 4.30pm. Further information will be sent out by Mrs Železinger, Head of Primary.

Other aspects of school life (lunches, activities, events, gatherings, etc.) will be reviewed on a daily basis and any changes are to be announced each Friday. This keeps the messages clear and consistent.

As we receive further updates, we will add them to our BISL reopening procedures page and email out any changes to the guidance.

Staff Announcements

Next week we will start to send out letters to parents informing them of the teachers for next year. A letter from a teacher in the year group will be sent to current and new parents to introduce themselves, share information about next year and inform them of key dates to note (Orientation Day, Friday 21st August and the first day of school, Monday 24th August).

Staff profiles, photos and bios of new staff joining BISL will be sent out to all parents to welcome and introduce our new colleagues into our community for August 2020.

Previous updates:

I wish all families an enjoyable weekend.

Kind regards,

Paul Walton