At BISL, our expectation is that attendance will not fall below 92% in order for students to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them.

Drop-Off and Registration

Registration is at 7.50. The Drop-Off window is between 07:15 and 07:45 at the drop-off area. We ask all parents to please respect these times. 

The drop-off area is marked with a blue square in the car park by the playground.Please note, the speed limit on site is 10km/h

If parents need to come into the school with their child, they may park in the public car park and use the front entrance. 

For safety, please follow the painted footsteps or traffic cones where applicable to make your way through the car park. The parking spots in front of Early Years are reserved
for Early Years’ parents accompanying their children to/from the Early Years entrance.

Students arriving after 7.50 will need to enter through the main entrance and register at Reception. If students arrive late, they will miss out on Assembly or class circle time in Early Years and this will appear on their school record

Pick Up

The school day finishes at 14:45. Pick-up is between 14.50 – 15.00.

Students are to be picked up by parents/guardians from the drop-off area (blue square near the playground) not from the Reception area. Parents are asked to park their cars in the public car park only.

The school playground equipment is locked outside of school hours and should not be used without staff supervision.

Recording Absence

For any requests regarding holidays during term time, parents should refer to the school’s Attendance Policy.

Requests for absence during term time should only be made if absolutely necessary and are not automatically authorised. Permission should be sought in writing from the Principal using the Leave of Absence Request form