We support school trips because we believe that by drawing on connections from real-world and real-life experiences, the curriculum becomes more relevant for our learners and enables the cross-fertilization of knowledge, skills, and understanding.

We are firmly committed to an interdisciplinary approach to learning. We believe this enriches the curriculum and allows our learners to make connections between their work.

This is also an approach that better allows the school to fulfil its commitment to meet the individual needs of all our students, and empowers teachers to be imaginative and innovative in their daily practice.

In the Early Years, the focus is on learning through play. Young learners are invited to discover the world around them at learning stations which focus on different areas of the curriculum and aid their physical and social development.

In Primary school, curricular areas are integrated meaningfully into a widely embracing theme, which changes every Block. Themes tend to focus on an area of the curriculum such as Humanities or Science but English skills are at the heart of every theme.

In later years, skills are practised across the entire curriculum and thematic links are made in Mathematics and specialist subjects such as Slovene, French, Physical Education, Music, Dance and Arts.

School Trips

Off-site visits are incorporated into the curriculum to enhance student learning. When students are off-site, behaviour expectations are particularly high. An email is sent to parents in advance of the trip indicating what materials or clothing might be required.

Generally, a little pocket money for a drink or snack may be appropriate; transport and admissions charges are usually included in the school tuition fees but parents may be asked for a contribution. Information about the trip will also indicate the expected timings, arrangements for transportation and dress code (normally uniform, but other clothing may be more appropriate depending on the activity).
A trip leader will be identified, and their contact
details shared with parents for each trip

Residential Trips

We organise Residential Trips for Years 3-6, ranging from 2-5 days, once or twice during the academic year.

These trips are in addition to the regular topic-related outings and are an extremely valuable part of the curriculum. Residential trips are optional, as they are not included
in the school fees, but we aim to keep costs to a minimum in order to encourage all students to participate.

Please ensure that your child’s passport or ID is up to date and that they have appropriate medical insurance prior to a residential trip.

A full risk assessment is carried out for all trips in advance