Dear Parents,

On the final day of Block 1 we celebrated ‘House Day’ at school. This involved all staff and students wearing a House colour top. Our House days are designed to bring the community together in different ways, across year groups and schools, to foster further collaboration, social interaction and discussion. Also, of course, House points! As well as opportunities to embrace competitions and various activities.

Safety Update

Further information will be sent out after all guidance is checked through the block break. With cases rising even higher, this gives us time to further plan and prepare for different circumstances. All our online courses will be reviewed again during the block break.

Thank you to all parents for your patience, support, and flexibility as we have ended our Block 1. Overall, it has been very successful in many ways with an abundance of positivity, energy, new friendships, and some wonderful learning experiences.


Please click here to find out more about the MEPI programme and the opportunities it offers for our students to gain further qualifications, experiences, and recognition in this international award.

Building Works

Thank you to all parents for you support this week with the changes to drop off and pick up. We have worked very well with the site construction team to ensure they are able to use every possible day and avoid delays. The construction will be accelerated during the block break and we look forward to seeing the progress when we return.

Adventure Days

A special mention for the Adventure Days, Enrichment Days and other activities our staff have provided during this challenging time as we balance safety and enjoyment of school. Our third Adventure Days trip has now finished, and we would like to thank of all the students and staff who have been involved. The staff, for their time, commitment and dedication in offering such wonderful trips for our students. Also, the way in which our students have embraced these trips and have had a first-class attitude, outlook and determination to get the best out of these outdoor experiences. All other activities are postponed at this time until further notice after the Covid updates. We hope to offer further activities next block and will make sure that these are arranged in the best interests and safety of all of those involved.

Thank you for making this such a good first block and I hope you have a restful, relaxing and recharging week.

Kind regards,

Paul Walton


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