Dear Parents,

We have enjoyed a wonderful training week so far at the British International School of Ljubljana and yesterday we focused on online learning with a special visit from our Group eLearning Manager from Orbital Education, Zsofia Alibaux-Jakab.

The purpose of the training day was to continue developing our online learning platform (Canvas) and incorporate other digital tools which can be used to enhance and transform the learning for students at BISL. Planning ahead enables our teachers to create resources, activities and engaging lessons for exciting learning opportunities.

The session started with an introduction into using a range of apps with Canvas as Zsofia demonstrated setting up course and embedding Wakelet into courses. She demonstrate the use of Flipgrid and showed the impact of assignments, quizzes and forums with examples of courses. Staff uploaded content into courses and worked in departments throughout the day to make effective use of this invaluable time to work on blended learning and sharing ideas.

The day finished with another workshop followed by individual sessions and a summary of FAQs.

I personally believe that it is sensible to plan ahead for a high-quality provision of education for both in the classroom and beyond in this current climate. I am also very proud of the staff who have worked incredibly hard during this time. For more information about the reopening, please read our article online ‘Education after coronavirus at the British International School of Ljubljana’.

The staff were overwhelmingly pleased with the Canvas presentation and I was delighted that she even had time to see teachers individually to help them with their questions. Another successful, collaborative day at BISL!”
Mr. Kokalj, Primary Canvas Coordinator

Following this session, we will monitor the quality of the courses and offer further opportunities for staff to collaborate and improve our Canvas courses. Across the Orbital Education Group, we have schools around the world working together to deliver high-quality British International Education.

We were grateful to have our Group eLearning Manager at BISL for this day of workshops and hope to see her again soon.

I had the extreme pleasure of training BISL staff on our VLE and other digital tools which we are going to focus on this school year. I have been impressed by the enthusiasm and professionalism of all staff and I am looking forward to seeing what they produce and how they are going to further enhance eLearning and blended learning in their school. It has been encouraging to see how open-minded and dedicated staff are. I am positive that some great progress will be made in the years to come.”
Zsofia Alibaux-Jakab, Group eLearning Manager

This Friday 21st August, we have our Orientation Day and we hope to see you then and look forward to welcoming our students back for the first day of school on Monday 24th August.

Kind regards,

Paul Walton


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