We are delighted to announce a visit from our eLearning Manager from Orbital Education on Tuesday 18th August to support our staff and help continue the wonderful work they have been doing with Canvas and online learning. During this training day, our staff will have an opportunity to develop further IT skills to enhance our online platform.

In a continuing commitment to train our staff and keep them up to speed with 21st century learning, Zsofia Alibaux-Jakab, group eLearning Manager at Orbital Education will deliver a training session in August to all staff at BISL.

The training day will involve an introduction for new staff to our Orbital VLE, and a focus on other digital tools which work effectively with our platform, as well as an overview of how we are able to maintain successful learning and teaching during the COVID-19 lockdown, using our VLE’s potential to deliver high-quality online learning, including:

  • development of Canvas courses
  • strategies for student feedback
  • discussion forums
  • interactive resources
  • multimedia activities

Teachers will then take part in workshops to build their VLE courses and try out various digital tools which we are implementing across our schools. These interactive, hands-on workshops will allow staff to be fully prepared for the new academic year, and will have a head-start in rolling out their courses to students.